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  2. Received help via Facebook. I need to move my scenery insertion points via ORBX Central.
  3. Hi, i start a second topic beceause i don't understand how to have the altitude and speed ( im reading the manual but don't find what i want) set in flightplan on the a320. i have all my waiyponts set but not the speed and altitude. my flight plan :
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  5. Hallo, ich habe von Aerosoft die 737NGX. Leider kassiert man hier nur das Geld der Kunden um ein Produkt zu vertreiben und verschläft dann die aktualisierte Version an zu bieten. Die Downloaddatei ist aus 2017. Mein System, P3D V4.5, WIN10 64 ist alles frisch installiert. Grundsätzlich vermute ich das Problem am neu releasten Operation Center 2 Update in Verbindung der alten Downloaddatei. Software ist mit Lizenzkey freigeschaltet. Erst hatte ich nach der Installation im PMDG Operation Center Ordner eine Anwendungsdatei mit der Bezeichnung PMDG Operation Center (später OC genannt), das Manual und noch irgend eine Datei. Beim Doppelklick auf die OC Datei kommt die Eingabeaufforderung mit in etwa folgenden Fehlern (gekürzt): “Zugriff verweigert C:\……PMDG OC Manual PDF” Weiter mit: “….eine externe Komponente hat eine Ausnahme ausgelöst” Weiter mit: “bei Filesystem copyfile (Basic_string\char,std::char_traids ,std::char_allocator…… …. mainCRTStartupstrarray….)” Folgendes habe ich weiter gemacht: - 737 über Windows Programme entfernt - 737 neu runtergeladen und installiert (als Admin) => Es wird kein Ordner für das OC erstellt, 737 war bei P3D Start bereits mit Key freigeschaltet => Reste in Registry wohl vorhanden - 737 über Setup Wizard repariert => Es wird der Ordner OC erstellt, mehrere Dateien dort geschrieben, einschließlich der benötigten OC Updater.exe => Nach der automatischen DirectX Installation versucht sich das OC bzw. der OC Updater zu starten, versucht sich zu verbinden und beendet sich. Daraufhin verschwinden automatisch sämtliche Dateien außer das Manuel.pdf aus dem OC Ordner. - Bitdefender und Windows Defender ausgeschaltet, 737 über Setup Wizzard deinstalliert, wieder neu installiert, jetzt aber nach der Installation das DirectX Setup abgebrochen, wieder das selbe wie oben: OC startet, beendet sich und entfernt wieder die Dateien aus dem Programmordner. Windows 10 alle Updates installiert, Visual C++ 2010 x86, 2013 x86 + x64, 2017 x86 + x64 .netframework 4.x auch. Woran liegt es?
  6. He's already solved it my friend. See his last post. I also noted the Autogen in my earlier recommendations to him. Best wishes!
  7. Turn your Autogen and scenery draw distance down , that's set way too high and youwill gain a great deal of FPS back with it set lower , Medium is what i use with my GTX1080 and i set Active sky to limit the low level vis to about 20-25 miles to counter act the lack of autogen in the distance.....dynamic reflections will also hurt FPS, also i notice you have building shadows on ... imagine trying to draw the shadows on the buildings so far out .. Again this will hurt FPS with such a high Autogen draw distance. Rich
  8. Hello! Let me start by trully thank you for all the hard work, time and info. So, Normal SOPs... for now Taking that into account and after some more flights I found the following; - Regarding the ECAM control panel pushbutton ALL, has 2 ways of work. Press and hold or just press. Press and hold will cycle all pages with 3s each, but just pressing and releasing will do the same, but at the pace you press. The press and hold is indeed working but with a slight bug. With no page selected, pressing it will start cycling WHEEL, F/CTL, FUEL (the last 3) while it lights ENG, BLEED, PRESS (the first 3) and then it starts from ENG and sequence is good. If we already have a preselected page, then it will just continue from there. On ground always works well. In flight sometimes it works, but other times shows the SD page of EMER CANC and the others shows blank(black sd page). - CVR test pushbutton works even when CVR is off(with ENGs off, CVR is on by pushing it on(ON blue) and CVR test ok. But with it off also shows ok sign, when in fact is off and test should give no sign at all(except ofc, after one ENG on the blue light goes off but CVR is ON at that stage) - RMP Freq is spaced by 25kHz instead of 8.33kHz. Also, when reaching the end of either high or low end of MHz range (118 or 136) continuing cycling down of 118 or higher of 136 will start from the other end. In reality, this works for the kHz range, but not for MHz. For MHz you really need to come all the way down from 136 to 118 and vice-versa.(At least the buses i flew/fly were and are like that. Not sure if in reality is a matter of client option and other operators having that option) - ACP could have the option to toggle on/off the CAB and PA, so we could either listen whats going on in the cabin or not. - ISIS range either hpa or inhg which is great, depending on the setting from EFIS baro set, but in fact the ISIS always range inhg. - FMS if we only have the From/To pair and no alternate, after filling up the flight plan with expected arrival runway, adding an alternate afterwards will automatically assume that arrival runway as departure runway for alternate flightplan. - Permanent data field(lower part of lower ecam) GW is adjusting while boarding pax, cargo and fuel. This field is fixed on cockpit prep stage, taking into account the ZFW and Block figures from INIT B page, even if fuel and any loading isnt done yet. After start engines this figure is adjusted taking into account the fuel used. Meanwhile, the GWCG also is adjusting while loading happens, when if fact it takes into account the ZFWCG + actual fuel distribution(this figure is being adjusted "live" as fuel uplift happens and always shows the actual GWCG because he(FCMC Fuel control and monitoring computer) knows even better than loadsheet the real fuel distribution and takes that into account for the GWCG computation (using the ZFWCG inserted by the pilot who, without any option, need to trust on the loadsheet figures for this matter). Permanet data field also misses the G load data when above 1.4 or below 0.7 - Little detail, cockpit handset usualy is checked serviceble for the flight, would be nice kind of a similar check like the Oxigen mask) - DOOR SD page always show the L3/R3 doors closed and armed. As this doors arent overwing exit, are in fact Type 1 door, would be nice if they could work just like the other door and I can suggest on MCDU 3 the FWD/AFT LEFT/RIGHT be replaced with L/R 1-4 - ENG SD page NACelle temps always 0 - ENG EGTs I had the feeling after eng off the egt dropped a little bit too quick, havent got the chance to see on the next eng start how fadec handles the eng start(it should auto crank before giving ign and fuel as it waits for egt to drop bellow 100) - Prog page changing the required navigation accuracy only accepts inputs in the format X.X. a single whole digit is not accepted. Playing with it dropped the acc to LOW when in fact was always HIGH, and then it took some time to get HIGH back(cant recall the details). Also, changing it triggered the L/DEV to be displayed on PFD(replacement of LOC of NON-ILS approaches) - GPS monitor only shows the position coordinates. No GS, GPS ALT or TRK - Loved the cabin crew bringing the drinks and checking wx on the phone - phone should be in Airplane mode ahahah - Fuel system - the AFT transfer passing FL255 not working to optimize the CG and fuel efficiency. Outer tank transfer works but too slow, should be much faster. When it happens it should also pop a ECAM MEMO "OUTR TK XFR" while transfer is happening. At the end, the proper memo is displayed. Fuel temps always shows even when there is no fuel in tanks(if less than 1000 trim/1100 outer, fuel temp disappears) - ATC/transpoder the clr button is not clearing. It seems setting auto mode will trigger mode C on ground. Can it be connected with WOW logic? - Inserting PBD points in the FMS is not working if using runway thresholds as the point (example, VHHH07R/074/8) dont work. - ILS words in magenta shows on PFD with LS on. It should flash ILS if FMS has a ils approach and LS is not on, but once is ON the ILS indication disappears. - Can we have brake fan? - After landing, setting the PWS off will trigger ecam caution. I would also suggest either no ecam cautions/warnings, or make ecam control panel CLR button work, as sometimes we may have a message that we wanna clear but we cant. Are you considering implementing normal supplementary procedures? I think that those ones would trully maximise the engagement with CFD. Imagine doing anti icing, or manual start, or start with external pneumatic power... would be lovely! If you reach this far, thank you so much for your patience and attention. Best regards and happy flights!
  9. Ok, then it’s with next update. Internal it’s already fixed.
  10. Krakau X v2 kam ja 2018 raus und AES wurde leider seit 2017 nicht mehr aktualisiert und das wird wohl leider auch nicht mehr geschehen. Somit wirst du bei EPKK leider auf den AES Support verzichten müssen.
  11. I'm on the upcoming update, and I honestly don't remember if the Com Panel was configured differently in the current customer version. What I will say is that in the upcoming update it's not possible to select anything other than COM1 or COM2 on the top row of the Com Panel. With that, I have to go back to my initial reply about P3d, views and sounds. I hope that answers your question.
  12. P.S. I am not using the PRO version. Operator error 🙂 thanks
  13. Just to confirm, you're talking about our A320? If so, which engine variant?
  14. Thank you for the response. I was running X-Plane 11 with maximum textures already (not uncompressed) but wonder why it was using the png files? I took your suggestion and deleted the png files.
  15. But if you have the ADIRs selector in OFF, both the IR and the ADR will be off.
  16. Freut mich. Schönen Sonntag noch!
  17. Some models of static aerodrome services vehicles are migrating from Kosice, but will be partially edited. There will also be made exclusive cars that are at Poprad Airport based on old Tatra cars. Among them are a tanker, a snowplow, a machine for surface treatment of aircraft in the winter. I am grateful to my new friends from Slovakia who helped me find photos of the above airfield cars. In the meantime, work on the garage in LZTT is in full swing.
  18. As Otto said. However this needs to be done just once and after that the login token should be valid.
  19. Hello Jonathan, This should be fixed on the next update.
  20. Are you disabling your computer security, and running the installer as Admin?
  21. Mal grundsätzlich gefragt, welche Version hat Dein X-Plane 11 und welche der A320? Es gibt nämlich eine Abhängigkeit zwischen den Beiden. Einige Funktionen bedingen X-Plane 11.41 und auch der Flieger muss aktuell sein. Gruß Olaf
  22. Thanks for reporting the bleed pressure indication. I will add to issue tracking. ADR1 switches are not simualted since they would be non-SOP, so won't add any logic there.
  23. Afternoon, I have an issue where I can see aircraft on the ground textures, I ran the AEC for Orbx and it fixed a floating issue I had. P3dv4 (latest version) Orbx TEGB Aerosoft EGLL I have removed all files pertaining to EGLL from within the orbx folders and this still exists, can anyone help me please. x
  24. Version 1.0.0


    AS CRJ700 ITAPEMIRIM Brasil PP-ITP HEAVY FUN I don't read or respond to comments. If there is an error, send me a private message. If I agree, I will do the repair. If you don't agree, I appreciate the concern.
  25. Just delete the metioned png textures, they seem to be remnants and actually should not ship with the package. Also, if you set the textures slider in X-Plane options to maximum with compression the dds should be loaded instead of the pngs. If you set the textures to uncompressed you just waste memory without any noticable benefit so I recommend to activate the compression.
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