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  2. Hallo Bernd, die Meldung hatte ich auch. Ich bin dann auf die angegebene Seite gegangen und habe die vorgegebenen Veränderungen durchgeführt. Danach funktionierte der Laminar Vorschlag. Du musst nur jedes, wirklich jedes mac.xpl freigeben. Das gilt auch für die Zukunft, wenn Du updates für was auch immer herunterlädst. Aber die Mühe lohnt sich, weil dann die plugins wieder laufen. Gruß Olaf
  3. Ich habe eben einen Langstreckenflug von ENTC nach EETN mit einer "you are fired" Landung beendet. Nicht lachen, wenn ich dazu Langstreckenflug sage, aber ich meide in der Regel Flüge, die länger als 90 Minuten dauern. Finde ich einfach Stinklangweilig! Ich war mit der B738 Zibo unterwegs und als ich mich nach 1Std45 EETN (Tallin) näherte und den Flug mit einem ILS auf die 26 beenden wollte, konnte ich die Runway nicht erkennen, da die Runway Befeuerung nicht an war. Der Flugplatz selbst war normal beleuchtet! Meine Grafikeinstellungen: Nach einem Neustart sah das dann so aus. Da hat einer das Licht angemacht. Wollte mich wohl jemand ärgern. Mit XPlane wird es nie langweilig!! Gruß Hermann
  4. Mine has suddenly started working Redownloaded the installer installed RAAS this time Ran without environment force Loading up again with environment force running this time will report back
  5. please try uninstalling, rebooting, reinstall, reboot again, and see if that resolves this.
  6. What version of Windows is everyone running? I'm on 1903 with latest patch Tuesday updates. No insider build. Thanks Frank and Dave. Appreciate the help so far.
  7. For some it could be because they do not have enough GPU memory. With regard to GPU memory, this is from the products page: Graphics card: 4 GB VRAM (DirectX 11), e.g. GeForce GTX 1050 (6 GB, GTX 1070 recommended) For the people that have enough memory we are discussing this issue with the devs at this moment.
  8. Gents, I have moved this discussion out from the update discount topic.
  9. CTD on flight from CYFC to CYUL. Crash occurred mid-flight prompted by selection of approach chart. P3D v4.5 hotfix 2, paled out, hung and then quit. Navigraph charts used. Fault bucket 1621546915105431150, type 4 Log Name: Application Source: Windows Error Reporting Date: 12/7/2019 12:12:38 PM Event ID: 1001 Task Category: None Level: Information Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Description: Fault bucket 1486591396300563378, type 4 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: Prepar3D.exe P2: P3: 5d8abf93 P4: KERNELBASE.dll P5: 10.0.18362.476 P6: 83c3d83a P7: c0020001 P8: 000000000003a839 P9: P10:
  10. I use ENVShade without issues... it's FAR different than Tomatoshade or PTA.
  11. If you're having issues, my post above doesn't help, and you're running third party shaders, please get rid of them and re-try.
  12. Usually run EnvShade. Restored to factory shaders to rule this out though, so presently no.
  13. Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 6gb
  14. You mean like tomato shade? yes
  15. I have the exact same problem, I use p3d 4.5 Ryzen 2600 1660ti 16 gb ram ddr4 3000mhz.
  16. There are others including myself with this issue with our own thread over here
  17. i just left the shop 15 mins like Dave said to me. but nothing appended . i pay 49,48 euros two hours ago. yet not have the download
    my name is Alessio Tolu
    in the order list not appear
    like in the download page
  18. Are any of your guys running third party shaders?
  19. Well, I honestly don't know. We have a lot of guys posting that the installation process went just fine and they are up and flying, and I tested the installer just this morning so I'm just at a loss here.
  20. Hello, Just bought the AS 330, instalation went fine but when i load the plane in the sim i have an error box entitled : ERROR: ND LOG FILE COULD NOT BE GENERATED. no messages in the box, just an OK button.. i tried ot uninstall reinstall with all admin rights but doesn't seem to work... Quite desperate... Any ideas please? :( ( the plane loads up but all screens are black , i can see the gears, but it just destroys my sim like 0,0001 fps) Thanks... jp
  21. Please provide your system specs. Others are up and flying, it's not the product.
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