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  2. Anyone know how I can fuel up midflight. Doing a 10hr flight and don't really want to restart 6hrs in due to this issue....? I try to fuel up through the Fuel and Payload section of P3D but nothing happens when I click OK... I know this is unrealistic but I was able to do it on my first flights but now I can't.. The value won't change... Any ideas?
  3. Hi, Also I don't know whether the update was supposed to correct that but the issue with the fuel discrepancy between the ROB mesured in the tanks and the indicated ROB at the past waypoint is still there (approx 8-9T difference). Which makes the fuel prediction at destination off by the same amount.
  4. Araxxos

    Excessive Fuel use

    Anyone know how I can fuel up midflight. Doing a 10hr flight and don't really want to restart 6hrs in due to this issue....? I try to fuel up through the Fuel and Payload section of P3D but nothing happens when I click OK...
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  6. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    ACCCHAAAAAA!!!!! (slaps hand in face!).... I guess I accidentally left off a "0" when entering my weights.....although I can swear I loaded fuel using the fuel planner and initializing the file with the 3rd mcdu. In any it makes sense. Last night I flew from EDDL to KEWR with 64,500kg of fuel - had zero issues. Landed with plenty of fuel in the tank. I did experience other anomalies, but I will search the forum for answers. thanks for the info!
  7. pls, make de Azul (normal livery) and the Avianca Livery
  8. Hello Secondator The aircraft in question is the A330 Regarding the SRS I got to work. It must have been some sort of preflight error. A/THR not following the commanded spd was with version, I haven't checked because I cannot use my throttle quadrant with the aircraft making it unflyable for now. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  9. I took FSUIPC5 out of the modules folder, and indeed the trust levers responded to the quadrant. They just didn't have the full range of motion, with the quadrant full set the levers on the aircraft would be at flex. When I reset FSUIPC to the module folder, the lever stop to respond, and as soon as I choose the Ready for TO config, and the engines are avail, they go to about 50% N1 without any command from the quadrant or the levers. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  10. jeeeetzt habe ich auch endlich mitbekommen, dass die Updates im FAQ auf der simheaven-Seite sind Ich habe nach Hardwarewechsel und Neuinstallation zwar alle Sachen überall aktuell zusammengesucht, aber hab hier im Forum nur die threads ueberflogen und mit einem Auge nur was von 3.1 gelesen. Darauf habe ich dann gewartet... ok, ich werde mich ist alles wieder gut, danke! safe landings Lem
  11. Same here. I started at KIAD 2130z with -0.6 fuel. Now I'm entering NAT at 2330z. Since t/o there is a tailwind with 130kn to 145kn. So normally the fuel should be increase but there are still -0.6 EFOB at EDDM. I'm very excited about the fuel quantity at EDDM... Regards Charly
  12. Howdy everyone, I am currently flying CYUL-LSZH and was suffering from a NEGATIVE EFOB, despite having enough virtual juice for the LEG. (I took extra to see assist with my investigation.) I had noticed that as i approached the end of the NAT track, my sim had refreshed and reloaded scenery etc... at that exact moment, the FOB increased by approximately what I was SHORT and am now predicting an EFOB of 11.1 on arrival with the STAR fully programmed. I'm not sure what is causing the fuel discrepancy, but until then I'll keep testing and tankering fuel. Not sure if this is a Trim Tank issue, or where the fuel is hiding. Just wanted to help others out. Regards, Jody a friendly reminder, make sure those FUEL PUMPS are ON! Not sure whether the position of the actual switch actually tinkers with the mathematics, in some way shape or form. Yes mine were on
  13. I too experienced this very same issue when flying into YSSY yesterday. Flew the approach 4 times and had exactly the same behaviour happen at roughly the same point, about 1-2nm before touchdown. Suddenly thrust was applied without reason, and the aircraft ballooned above the glideslope. On each occasion it was impossible to regain the glideslope, and the approach had to be aborted. Active Sky was not in use, I only had P3D weather in use, but the problem went away when I selected 'clear skies'. I've not seen this happen with any other aircraft add-on, there is clearly something going on here that needs looking at.
  14. Hello, Can you make Rwandair livrery please ? Thx
  15. Hello All i maybe just re posting something that is already said and i do apologise of this is so. my problem is that after updates and my fuel planner now comes up with this error shown below. when trying to load it. if anyone has any ideas on a temp solution as to what to do then i would be immensely appreciative of any support.
  16. Version


    Enjoy the beautiful Gulf Air on the A330 .
    Super fajne malowanie Kuba, możesz to przerobić do CRJ Profesjonal?... bardzo proszę.
  17. Hello, I'm trying to use the updater to update the A330. There is no sign of my A330 (or indeed anything else but my CRJ) in the updater. Really frustrated with this new A330. I feel like I've paid over $60 to be a Beta Tester for Aerosoft
  18. ... ich würde bei diesem "Hobby" zuerst einmal einen passenden Rechner kaufen, wirklich! Du ahnst ja noch garnicht, was Du alles für Probleme bekommst, wenn Du an der unteren Kante arbeitest! Natürlich ist das nur ein gut gemeinter Rat 🙂 Lass von Dir hören, wie es weitergeht...
  19. It's a random thing. you don't always get the coffee 100 percent of the time I have noticed
  20. Yes, all pumps were on. I haven't refuelt with GSX, just the regular fuel loader on the FMC. I took a lot of time, so I already started my taxi. Maybe that was the reason? I had the feeling that the system ''thought'' that it had to refuel to that certain amount of fuel, but each time the engines were using fuel it switched back very fast. So it kept refueling.
  21. I’ve had this happened to me also, at the time the fuel option in MCDU3 fuel/load was flashing green and I was unable to change the fuel amount in the MCDU. I believe the trigger point for me was when I started the APU once fuel loading was completed. Not long after either GSX or the aircraft wanted to start refueling again. Hopefully some of this info helps troubleshoot the error.
  22. Hi, am using PFPX to plan a flight and I notice the numbers especially the ZFW and TOW are way off from PFPX and A330. Am using the lastest per file from airlinersperformace. I attached both to show the difference. Sorry not sure why the photos got loaded sideways
  23. Yes, and that's in good compliance with Airbus' philosophy: If you can fly an A318, you should, without too much training, be able to fly an A330 or an A380. Why is this? Because Airbus FBW basics are implemented in all their models, and to keep responsiveness the engineers just beef up the systems moving the control surfaces. Legendary Concorde captain John Hutchinson once got asked how he found the flying characteristics of the "bulky" (interviewer's word) 747. He just quipped: "It was very responsive despite its size. It handled beautifully". The first fix from Aerosoft improved stick input massively, can't wait to try the new update!
  24. Since Rotterdam professional was cancelled, I installed the 'old' Rotterdam X version in P3Dv4. Everything OK except for the runway lighting and PAPI. I converted the AFCAD file to P3Dv4 and manually added the runway lights. Now the airport is completely usable! To install: - Go to the Rotterdam scenery folder (Aerosoft\Dutch Airports - Rotterdam\Scenery) - Rename the file AF2_EHRD.bgl to - Unzip the attachment and place the file in the same folder Now you have night lights at Rotterdam!
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