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  2. Think we need to see a video. Hard to understand exactly what is going on.
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  5. Rolf I''m still getting problems where the aircraft does not want to fill properly. It nearly gets to the full CARGO amount, but then it stops. On the outside view the cargo trucks are leaving me - in the cockpit I still need more CARGO according to the flashing CARGO light. That means it DOESN'T wants me to leave - because I do not have enough cargo loaded. This means I can't even expect a checklist for departure as we need more cargo. It is a problem in GSX because of either the way I use the fueling, or the way I use one of the other functions (CATERING??). Any help would be good. Gaz
  6. It would be nice to see if you get the same behaviour if you set up the same flightplan manually. May be the flightplan exporter has an issue. I do always put the data manuell into the FMC and have not seen that kind of AP behaviour till now. Wolfgang
  7. A couple of months ago I purchased my first VR headset (Oculus Rift S) and I never did a flight without since. The flight experience is so much more realistic than with a monitor and TrackIR that I simply don't have demand to go back to the flat image (I have a few hundred hours of PPL flying with SEP airplnes). I mainly do GA flying and the performance of my comparably modest system (i7 7600k and GTX1070) is quite good, even with relatively complex aircraft and sceneries. The only exception is Lukla Mount Everest Extreme. Usually I observe a frame rate hit of 10 to 30 % when I switch from flat screen to VR, but with the new Lukla scenery the FPS goes down by about 75%! In other words, this scenery is unflyable for me, even with less demanding graphics settings than those recommended by Aerosoft. Has anybody similar experience with this scenery or possibly even a solution?
  8. Bad wording from my side. It's an option for real airlines. We have it currently fix.
  9. Update to experimental version should fix that issue.
  10. Es hat geklappt. Danke euch vielen lieben Dank. Ich sage ja ich bin im richtigen Forum mit den richtigen Leuten!! Danke danke
  11. Exactly what mine does. Mine only appears in the approach phase and speed goes through the roof and then drops after you are frantically trying to get it down. This is the unenjoyable part especially when online.
  12. Got it. Thanks. Stupid question: where's the option to toggle that in case I want to do that?
  13. Danke für die Info Heinz. Dann werde ich einmal experimentieren. Gruß Olaf
  14. Du hast da AddOn-Szenerien installiert, die keine Jahreszeiten unterstützen - da kannst du nicht viel machen als diese rauszuschmeißen/abzuschalten, die Szenerien selbst umzubauen oder darauf zu warten, dass der Entwickler sie entsprechend aktualisiert.
  15. We don't do support in the General forum, but if you will tell me which aircraft you are talking about I would be happy to move your post to the correct forum. At that point I will have some more specific questions before we can answer your question.
  16. Willkommen zurück. Ob deine Bandbreite für den MFS2020 reicht wird man erst sagen können, wenn alle Details bekannt sind. Deine Hardware passt eher nicht mehr: - CPU geht vielleicht gerade noch - RAM reicht definitiv nicht, 16GB ist eigentlich Minimum - Graka(s) reichen auch nicht, der aktuelle P3D nutzt in hohem Maße die Rechenleistung einer Graka und die sollte nicht unter 6GB RAM haben - SSDs reichen aus, zumal du für viele deiner Addons keine P3Dv4 kompatiblen Nachfolger bekommen wirst. Ich würde jetzt erstmal beim FSX bleiben und abwarten was der neue MFS2020 bringt und dann entscheiden.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. In order not to wait for the update, you can delete two files from the directory Aerosoft \ Kosice-Barca Airport \ LZKZ_scenery \ Scenery - LZKZ_Apron_1_light.BGL; - LZKZ_st_light.BGL. This is not critical and will not affect the rest of Kosice’s work. But you will not have glare during the fog. Sorry for this flaw. P.S. Before deleting, make an archive of these two files.
  19. Hi, when me and a mate do shared cockpit in the 330 it works for a minute or two then keeps pausing. is there a fix?
  20. Thank you for showing me this problem, I did not pay attention to it. I find out what the problem is. Windows or antivirus has nothing to do with it. I placed the night illumination of the apron parallel to the flat coating in a few centimeters. I will look at the material settings and fix this when updating. I ask you to wait until updates. Updates are planned in the summer.
  21. I have the same problem. I opened a ticket on this matter by support
  22. Please try Shift-L. Best wishes.
  23. Hi, The MCDU3 is very dark at night, see picture, is there a way to increase the brightness? I have tried to use the BRT bottom but it doesn't seems to work. I have tried clicking and holding it, but the MCDU doesn't get brighter. Any tip ? Pierre
  24. Our observatory in the simulator. This is just a draft. It was necessary to understand what the foundation would be, the location of the observatory. A 3D model will only be done. There is a place for a helipad. It will be necessary to designate it. Opposite the observatory is practically the airport, a few minutes by helicopter. It remains to figure out how the cable car passes.
  25. Good evening everyone, I really need you help on that matter... A similar topic had already been opened, but it's now closed... I start a flight as "cold an dark" mode and I am using the checklists to prepare the aircraft, it means that I can't forget something as I am not preparing the aircraft manually... I enter the flightplan thanks to the co-route (my flights plan are made with PFPX and Navigraph, then I export them thanks to SimBrief downloader), but as you can see below, I have no information as per the track, the altitude, etc. On the "paperwork preview", we can see the altitude and the track, so it means this is not an issue of flightplan in my opinion... The route had been taken into consideration by the airbus as we can see it here below Just after take off, I want to activate the Autopilot, so I press on AP1, but nothing happens... The aircraft is not following the route... I installed the latest version of P3D- Does anyone had the same issue, solved now and can bring support ? I don't know what to do Thank you for your help! Geoff
  26. That is a "number" key (starting with 1 and ending with 9) on your main keyboard - not on the numeric pad - !
  27. DaveCT2003

    LDG lt's ON

    It is. It's supposed to be fixed in, which is out now, but you might want to still with as we're getting some reports that has some other issues. I'm looking into them today.
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