Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  2. Dear Aerosoft customer, It's been a while since you’ve ordered one of the highly anticipated Honeycomb Yokes in our shop, and now it's finally done. After a long time of waiting, we are happy to tell you that the first edition of the Yokes will be available within the next few days and you are one of the first to get our brand-new hardware. We expect to ship your pre-order by the end of this month. Whoop!
  3. Nothing to say! Just Beautiful!!! Congratulations
  4. Thanks Hans I did upgrade my PC this year but kept the old CPU so it could be that I suppose. I am still using 4.4. Didn't upgrade to 4.5 as yet! Tony
  5. Either that or a NavData Pro Charts subscription
  6. Yes, either Navigraph or NavDataPro subscription is needed. If you want charts that is.
  7. Two points (well, one point, and one question) 1. Mathijs, Hans let the cat out of the bag on at least one occasion, I knew there was something coming, but I didn't know about the CRJ1000! Wonderful news Hans and Aerosoft! 2. To clarify -- to show the chart data, does the EFB require a Navigraph Charts subscription?
  8. Hi everybody. Can someone tell me how to obtain the FMEE Real Runway colour. Please.
  9. The error message from event viewer contains the error code 0xc0020001 which stands for Invalid String Binding. This is an errorcode from the .NET Framework which isn't used by the CRJ (unmanaged C++ code only. No .NET), so it's likely something else. If the exterior looks blurry, it might mean that either the CPU or GPU is running at its limits. It's also possible that you run out of video memory. It's really hard to contribute anything helpful here. I've never got this error myself. If you use an older P3D version than 4.5 Hotfix 2, updating might be worth a try.
  10. Leider hat bisher noch niemand eine Antwort für mich. Was allerdings eine mögliche "klassische" Deinstallation zur Lösung meiner Probleme betrifft, so habe ich inzwischen herausgefunden, dass diese (auch im Gegensatz zum offensichtlich völlig veralteten Handbuch von 2012, Seite 8 "Deinstallation von NavDataPro") gar nicht möglich ist, weil das Programm (zumindest bei mir und im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Programmen) unter Start/Systemsteuerung/Programme und Features gar nicht aufgeführt wird. Statt dessen habe ich unter c:/aerosoft/NavDataPro/ ein Uninstall_NavDataPro.exe gefunden. Bleibt aber immer noch die Frage, ob das die richtige und damit notwendige Methode ist, um die wahre Ursache für meine Probleme zu beseitigen?
  11. Amazing news Hans ! I can't thank you enough for doing this, and I'll happily pay the upgrade cost. You have targeted all the areas someone would dream for the CRJ !
  12. Today
  13. Wow, thought the product was not going to be improved (end of life cycle). This is a considerable improvement, cockpit now looks real!
  14. I have made plenty of flights in the CRJ with no problem except the occasional hanging around busy scenery like Like but it usually recovers ok after a short time. For the second time though it has completely crashed P3Dv4 with an error saying "Stopped working". I was an hour or two into the flight and I did notice beforehand when looking at an external view the scenery from 35,000 ft did look unusually blurry. Perhaps this is a clue? I am really not technical at all when it comes to PC stuff but I did get this from my W10 "Event Viewer". Any help gratefully received! Prepar3D.exe 5bfdbb35 KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.17763.802 86aa4cf5 c0020001 0000000000039129 20d4 01d58290df0f9f8a C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 7c00dce5-0f34-4297-96c5-b30439a42012
  15. Nein, du kannst die Regionen nicht an beliebiger Stelle platzieren - jedenfalls nicht, wenn Regionen überlappen (wenn es eine globale Default- oder Fallback-Region gibt, daher muss die Standard-Region immer ganz unten stehen, Priorität ist immer von obennach unten, bei Überlappungen greift der höher stehende Eintrag). Wenn sich Regionen nicht überlappen ist deren Position aber egal. Die EXPORT_EXCLUDE-Einträge musst du pro Asset einmal setzen, wenn du da aber mehrere mischen willst nur bei dem letzten. Hast du zum Beispiel einen Baum in verschiedenen höhen sieht das beispielsweise so aus: EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_6m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_8m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_10m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_12m.obj EXPORT_EXCLUDE simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_14m.obj So stellst du sicher, dass alle fünf verschiedenen Bäume in einem Library-Pfad versmischt werden. Der Baum wird dann immer in verschiedenen Höhen angezeigt. Hast du aber zwei Bäume und die jeweils in fünf verschiedenen Höhen wioederholt sich das: EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_6m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_8m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_10m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_12m.obj EXPORT_EXCLUDE simheaven/Baum1.obj objects/baum1_14m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum2.obj objects/baum2_6m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum2.obj objects/baum2_8m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum2.obj objects/baum2_10m.obj EXPORT simheaven/Baum2.obj objects/baum2_12m.obj EXPORT_EXCLUDE simheaven/Baum2.obj objects/baum2_14m.obj EXPORT_EXCLUDE muss dann immer da gesetzt werden, wo nicht weiter vermischt werden soll (von unten in der Library wird dann alles ignoriert, was denselben virtuellen Pfad verwendet), für jeden virtuellen Pfad einmal. Es reicht also nicht, am Ende der Region bei nur einem Asset EXPORT_EXCLUDE zu verwenden, das würde dann nur für diesen einen Pfad bzw. dessen Assets funktionieren. Wenn überhaupt keine Vermischungen verschiedener Objektvarianten vorgesehen sind kannst du auch einfach immer EXPORT_EXCLUDE verwenden.
  16. And now you know what project Stefan has been working on this summer before coming back to the A330. We really wanted the model to look as good as the fantastic systems Hans was putting in. Believe me, it does. Btw, see the images as full resolution....
  17. It seems to work for tens of thousands of people. Why would it fail for you? You are just not following procedures, that's all.
  18. I will try this but I don't have any faith this will work
  19. As we slowly moving towards the beginning of beta testing, it's time to announce a major upgrade to the CRJ. Here's what you can expect: - CRJ-1000 - All exterior models reworked with full PBR - Completely new HD Virtual Cockpit with full PBR - Trueglass Integration - Fully dimmable cockpit lights - Coupled VNAV as standard for the CRJ-1000 and optional for the CRJ-700 and -900 - Electronic Flightbag with full NavData Pro Charts and Navigraph Charts integration - Customizable views - Numerous other improvements and bug fixes *) The CRJ Professional will only be available for Prepar3D v4.5 (Hotfix 2). The release date depends on the progress of beta testing. If you want it urgently, the best way is to look out for my upcoming call for testers in the CRJ support section of this forum. *) Any bug fixes that have been made during the development of the CRJ Professional will also be made available as a free update for the CRJ 700/900X (for FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4). Even if some people's pulse has probably risen above 200 already: we're not trying to sell bug fixes! 😉 Some features will be part of the product but will have to be added after release: - PMDG's Global Flight Operations support will be added as soon as the GFO SDK is available - Connected Flight Deck (CFD) support will be added after release and tested separately. Some answers to questions that will pop up for sure: - Price and update costs have not yet been decided. - New Microsoft Flight Simulator: As long as it is technically possible, we plan to do a cross upgrade for the new Flight Simulator. This, however, depends very much on Microsoft. - CRJ-550: We know it exists and we also know that United is getting a number of them. However, we have about zero information about it, so it can not be part of this package. Please post comments and questions here. Pretty much everything is allowed except for the question for the release date 🙂 Some screenshots 1) New HD Virtual Cockpit with full PBR (all lights off. light shining in from the front, so the panels look pretty dark) 2) New CRJ-1000 model 3) Exterior PBR effects 4) Dimmable Cockpit Lighting a) Dimmable back light (dark on the left, medium on the pedestal and maximum on the right) b) Dimmable Flood lights c) Dome and Floor lights EFB Chart Display with moving aircraft symbol EFB Chart display with moving aircraft symbol and other traffic (should work with VATSIM etc. as well) EFB Performance Data Page Automated weather information for FMS flight plan (requires Active Sky) EFB Checklists I also have two small videos which demonstrate the lights and the aircraft moving over the map. Please be aware that they are already six weeks old at the time of this post and do no represent the actual state of the product. The creator was nominated for the 2020 Razzie Awards for Worst Camera, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director! 😉 Moving Map Cockpit Lights
  20. Just read vol6 of the manuals, it is all explained there.
  21. No I have not tried that. How do I do that. Is that the route for the step by step flight?
  22. Have you tried the step by step flight so you understand what needs to be done at what time?
  23. Hi have asked about this before ( to which no help in getting the problem sort) but now starting to get frustrated seems like I have wasted money on a item what is not working properly. I have the airbus family for fsx. Now when ever I click on align IRS Then put in my from/to airports I get a tottaly different route apper on the on the nav screen. When I flick the switch over to plan. The only flight plan that has ever show up is EDLP to EDDF. If anyone could help would be much appreciated but I just feel rather let down so far about this whole situation
  24. Bisher mache ich das nur so : REGION_DEFINE Gr REGION_RECT 19 34 29 41 REGION_RECT 32 34 34 35 REGION Gr Evtl mach ich mich mal mit der Vorlage ran, denke aber nicht, dass es daran liegt. Ich habe auch einen Screenshot aus einer ganz anderer Kachel (40+024) gepostet wo die weissen custom Haeuser zusammen mit "default" kommen. Ich denke ich muss einfach nach der richtigen Reihenfolge und dem EXCLUDE schauen. Habe ich das Prinzip ausserdem richtig verstanden? -> Ich koennte Region GR auch an eine X-Beliebige Stelle in der library platzieren, muesste aber sicherstellen, dass der letzte EXPORT vor dem region define ein exclude ist? Oder muss ich quasi immer "oben" mit Detail Regionen arbeiten und mich "runter" bis default hangeln?
  25. Gecancelt? Sieht nicht so aus:
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