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  2. Da bin ich sehr gespannt. Gleich müsste der RAM mit der Postkutsche ankommen dann bau ich ihn ein und dann wird getestet. Ich berichte nachher wieder, ob es geholfen hat. Ist ja auch sehr interessant für andere die das selbe Problem haben.
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  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Sorry, it isn't compatible at all with P3Dv4 And I'm not aware of a Helsinki P3Dv4 project. Helsinke was done by a 3rd party and only sold through Aerosoft.
  7. When is Helsinki updated? for can be used in P3D 4.5HF1 ?
  8. The flashing is caused by the recording program and has nothing to do with performance. My P3D setting is default, i have no adddon installed except Aerosoft Airbus Professional. I don't have any overclock setting (CPU and GPU). Below is a video without flashing and sound. Aerosoft Airbus.mp4
  9. I think I found the problem and fixed it.
  10. Don't know if I get you right. If you deactivate Sceneries in SIMstarter NG and run a profile the deactivated sceneries will become disabled. They can bei either in scenery.cfg or part of add-on.xml files.
  11. Strange. Please post a DebugPack and tell me which profile you've started and which scenery you want to have active/inactive.
  12. Hi, great idea. I put it on the feature request list and will check if I can realize it.
  13. AS the title says, there has been no word on the 32-bit version. The other thread on this subject has been closed so I'm starting another one. Please let us know when it is released. Thanks. --WH
  14. Those screenshots are from Aerofly FS2. There are additional addons needed to get the rendering to look like that there.
  15. Hi, Like in the title, please, how to? There is no reference in the maintenance window concerning that. This brings me to a question I've been asking myself since the first version of the AN2, does this type of failure and the conditions under which it occurs (*) exist in the real aircraft? This is the first I've heard of it. I have searched on the web, but I have not found anything related to this type of failure. (*)"Pitot Fail: If airplane has speed less than 60 km/h more than 10 minutes (failure will happen in 10-20 minutes range)" Thank you and Regards, Richard
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  17. Hi, Just to start off, I want to say that I never use the autopilot setting setting the speed, only the ALT and HD.. The problem I have with these airbuses is that many times for some reason the doesn't set it to what it should be,so just after takeoff, it can slow right down, and after a few moments it will speed right up and on both occasions it sets the alarm off (which makes sense if you look at the speed). If I set the ALT off to be 15000, how can I do that, how can I set it off to simply get to that altitude? I have put me 'going through hell' video on here. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. 2019-05-20 00-14-43.mp4
  18. Could you please do it again after loading a flight with cold and dark set as default state? I really doubt the issue is coming from our systems. I have a powerful system, see specs below, run the latest drivers, have no special tweaks or shaders. Everything works just fine except for the missing sound. So I doubt it is a system or sound issue on my computer. i5 9600k @4.8 Ghz GTX 1080ti 16GB DDR4 RAM 3000mhz 500Gb SSD
  19. Ive not had any managed speed issues for a while , I still think the desent profile needs tweaking but im sure Aerosoft will fix it later...
  20. Please disregard my above post. I see it was one of the things mentioned in Experimental version which I did not have checked in my Aerosoft Updater. I am updating now and will see what happens.
  21. Same issue for me on the A319. Coffee cup, newspaper etc all flickering in cockpit even though the table is stowed. Also having issues with L1 Cabin Door and FWD/AFT Cargo doors not closing. Even when I close it via menu item, or by hitting Shift+E by default the cabin door says closed and announcements start but the outside animation of the door are still in the open position. I am running version as my Aerosoft updater is not showing any available updates currently. Running on P3Dv4.5 Hotfix 1 Disregard my above post, I see the above mentioned was fixed in the Experimental version which I did not have checked in my Aerosoft Updater. Updating now and will see how things go.
  22. Genau richtig (ZeeMan90). Zu SAM und dessen korrekte Installation habe ich auch hier etwas gepostet. Gruß Heinz
  23. Support for Chris' products was transferred to him in July 2017. See Mathijs' first post in this topic for how to reach NE support:
  24. What is that flashing? That looks to be bottlenecking to me, which effects performance. And since ESP (the engine for FSX and P3D) has the sound tied to performance, maybe that's it? Basically, your processor may be running too fast for the graphics card, or vice versa. What I'd like you to do is take all your P3D settings back to default, get rid of any third party shaders you're using, remove any overclock settings (CPU and GPU) and test again. I'm off for the evening gents, but I'll be online working most of the day on Monday (GMT-6). Best wishes!
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