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  2. I was referring to your statement that the system prevents the stacking of discounts. Of course I can't know whether you had any correspondence with the respective users already, but you will probably understand why I and other users were puzzled that other users were able to stack discounts while we weren't. Hence my post.
  3. I believe this has been reported before, but I have experienced the wing shaking issue at the gates at OMDB with almost no wind and engines off. I am using ActiveSky.
  4. Thanks for the reports guys, we are looking into if unicode characters on the username causes this issue.
  5. it might be collapsed on the top right corner with just the arrow showing up. If you press that arrow it will show you all the possible views.
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. The aircraft starting to roll depends a lot on the weight of the aircraft. I would assume that you were quite light since you are flying a short flight with light fuel load. The feedback we received from our Real World Pilot Advisors was that light aircraft will start rolling on idle thrust and heavy aircraft +200 tons will need a bit of thrust to get going but should maintain speed nicely on idle thrust. Remember that the weight difference can be huge on the A330 depending how much fuel you have on board. For controls are you using P3D native control settings or something like FSUIPC?
  8. Sehr geehrte Community, Ich habe mir heute die Rotate MD 80 installiert die ich zuerst in X Plane 10 hatte,doch als ich sie testen wollte hatte ich anhand von Tutorials den Startup durchgeführt,allerdings gehen die Triebwerke nicht an. Alles war korrekt und ich habe es zweimal überprüft. Habe is mit Ram Air an und aus versucht,es hilft nichts von beiden. Packs sind an und Bleeds auch.
  9. A330-343X RR engines only. Qantas surely will be painted soon by one of the talented painters available.
  10. i do this. but not have a solution yet from 14.00 italian hour you have my same problem. wait for money back and try again. i think in 1 or 2 days be solved
  11. Request Egyptair A330 please, thank you. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9317364
  12. I am sure we can sort it our very soon. Just send us every information you have to support@aerosoft.com.
  13. It's probably also a good idea to get in touch with our support to make sure the state of the payment and they can resolve it for you if the payment has gone through but you did not receive the product.
  14. Yeah that's what I had. I've logged a ticket with support and my AS account email and am leaving them to it
  15. Massively appreciate the work you guys are doing behind the scenes.. Sounds like a manic release! I sadly had my cc payment verify only to return me to a "Web page unavailable" message, followed by a refresh which took me back to the first payment screen. Upon checking my online banking, the transaction had processed, but I have no order number or anything, so I'm sure its a bit trickier for your support team to resolve it.. But I appreciate that you have a lot of people with the same issue, so I patiently await the resolution
  16. First of all congratulations with this nice Aircraft. It flies great! I have one problem There are no range rings in the NAV Displays (see pictures). Any solution?
  17. Have you read through the release notes which are quite prominently linked on the product page in the shop? Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d-v4/aircraft/2885/aerosoft-a330-professional
  18. Hmm, i don't have that.... 😕 Any ideas why? I have it all enabled in MCDU. Also, I can't seem to Load instant in the MCDU during loading to save time?
  19. The payment is frozen. I just called my bank. I don't have an order id for this reason. I'm waiting to get my money back and buy the A330 back
  20. Same problem here. Looks like a Problem with "Sonderzeichen". C:\Users\Joël\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330
  21. The email address you use to login into your shop account and your full name.
  22. Hi! I'm missing the A330 livery manager under start folder. With manual search I found it from install folder under \Aerosoft A330 Professional\Livery Manager, but it contains only "Livery Manager A318-A319.exe"! Opening that it opens A318-A319 Livery Manager not A330... I hope you got the point.. Regards, Mikko W.
  23. What details can we give you should we have no order ID (but have been charged for example)
  24. Hey there, First of all nicely done. Looks good, performance is quite good, too. Currently on my way from ESSA to UUEE. I will continue to investigate, but I thought I might drop two (potential) findings. First of all I noticed that the plane at idle starts to roll when releasing the parking brakes. It slowly, but steadily will increase speed. I have to regularly use brakes to keep the speed constant. At first I thought that might be normal.... it appears some planes with powerful engine will in fact start rolling (and my load for that flight is light, too). Someone however suggested that in his tests didn't come across this "issue". I wouldn't know if anything else might cause this.... as I didn't change anything prior to installing the A330 (and my other planes including the A320 don't show this behaviour). Secondly, which I also only observe with the A330 (also here the A320 doesn't show these "symptoms") is, when flying the A330 with the honeycomb yoke (yes bash me for it lol.... but it's just such a quality difference compared to my joystick and don't want to buy a joystick on the same level right now) I have to turn the yoke at least 50-60° to get some reaction and then it reacts pretty hard..... I am not sure if this is due to the fact that the yoke has a large aileron travel, but then again the A320 turns "normally" in a steady curve. I'd also like to note that the white cross on the indicator correctly corresponds to my yoke inputs. Thank and Cheers, Amadeo
  25. Oh and the DOME light does not seem to work? Yes shaers are installed...thanks all...Thumbs Up from me.
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