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    A333 CTD

    Thanks for answer, so i will check everything about terrain. Second fly incourse no ctd Blue sky
  3. Hello Vesku-K. Seems correct to me. You have been given 31% discount from the full price including VAT since you already own the the A318-321 bundle. The 10% discount does not bundle on top of the 31% discount if you are using that as the owner of the A318/A319 Professional or A320/321 Professional or the bundle. Anil, are we talking here the A320/321 for 32-bit platforms of A320/A320 Professional for P3D V4?
  4. Hello, from this morning I try to solved this probleme and the A330 don't work... He is invisible i run all with as administrator, unistall and reinstall... update with hotfix2 Client, content and scenery.... nothing work the a330 is still invisible..
  5. Planned trip was VHHH - WSSS but was pretty bad. Firstly the plane takes forever to reach V1 even at flex temp speed then when I was in the air the throttles wouldn't respond to lower speed selection so would go to 280kts climb at 8000+ FPM then lose speed and dive to the ground. Not sure why all this happened, load was correct fuel etc
  6. Aerosoft you must do anything!!!!! We payed for this!
  7. TAP Portugal would be nice https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1057606/cs-tox-tap-portugal-airbus-a330-300/ Also Garuda Indonesia https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1014728/pg-gpa-garuda-indonesia-airbus-a330-300/
  8. Air Serbia YU-ARA https://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/73795-air-serbia-to-wet-lease-a330-from-etihad-in-1q19 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9535937
  9. I have the A320/321 series. But, when I enter serial number in enter voucher box, I get en error. "Voucher could not be found or is no longer valid" Can you help ?
  10. I have seen the same issue. 5 hours into the flight and fuel level has not gone down.
  11. purchased the 330- did a test flight, works great, now i restart pc to do a flight ....pc crashes. wont load!
  12. This is a place holder announcement pending the official (and handsome) Aerosoft one. The eagerly awaited Aerosoft A330 Pro is now available in the Aerosoft Store! No more need to haunt the F5 key! Here's the shop page for it. Due to heavy demand, the servers have already had capacity challenges, but because they're part of the Amazon system, any delays should be temporary, so no need for posts to the website about download problems. Below are links to important information to review before your buying decision: This link will take you to some crucial pre-buy information for you to consider if the initial release is right for you or it might be better to wait a week or two. Please take the time to read it, so you'll make the most informed purchase decision. This link will explain the available discounts for those who purchased related products from the Aerosoft store. If you bought your earlier qualifying products from another store, the serial may still allow the appropriate discount at the Aerosoft store, so it's worth giving that a try. Please be aware that the store had earlier issues with correctly applying discounts, and this should be cured by now, but if you feel you weren't' charged the right amount, please send a support ticket to support@aerosoft.com. The discount information link here also contains posts concerning issues the earliest buyers had. While we working hard to overcome them, if you have the same problems, take a look here to see if your issue has already been responded to. This link will take you to product support for the new A330 Pro, which is on the earlier established site formerly used just for the A31x/A32x Professional products. Due to the commonality to the code base (which is getting tighter with each release), we believe it best to support all the Aerosoft Airbus Professional add-ons in one place.
  13. I've installed it several times already. And I already suspected the same thing. The installer suddenly disappears without a message. Since I already installed many of your products, it seemed strange to me from the beginning.
  14. Included https://www.inibuilds.com/a330-prof-liveries
  15. Hallo, habe inzwischen eine für mich gangbare Lösung gefunden. Habe Linux Mint von der Festplatte geworfen und statt dessen Fedora 31 installiert. Dieses Betriebssytem beinhaltetet die geforderte GLIBC.2.29 Datei. Damit läuft das SAM Plugin einwandfrei. Im übrigen hat sich der Support umgehend bei mir gemeldet mit dem Hinweis, dass an dem Problem gearbeitet wird. Dafür habe ich eine anderes Problem: der Aktivierungscode wird nicht akzeptiert (mehrfach kontrolliert) Werde mich wohl wieder beim Support melden müssen. Inzwischen vielen Dank für die Antworten Gruß Gerhard
  16. When I started the fuel planer the first time after installing the A330 I got the following error message when selecting the aircraft type A330. I was able to continue to use the flight planner and I left it by pressing the Exit button. Since than, whenever I try to start the fuel planner I see this message: and the program shuts down. I am no longer able to use it. I have all aircraft installed from A318-A321. Best regards, R. Oberst
  17. Hello, So I've initiated fueling on the ground via the MCDU. In cruise and the aircraft is constantly refueling. Bug or incorrect procedure? Thanks!
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Hi, to uninstall the "Uninstall_A330Prof.log" is needed. (F:\Addons\Uninstall_A330Prof.log) In your case this is missing. I suspect that the installer was not completely executed during installation. Sounds strange, but you can run the installer again. Please note the summary before copying AND make sure that the installer ends with a success message. If successful, the LOG file should have been generated. If not, then we need to manually clear the summary data to clear all data.
  20. Fiji Airways DQ-FJW, "Island of Rotuma" https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/28319_1551908668.jpg Thanks, Samoilov
  21. We have no idea what could cause this. Could you run the installer again?
  22. You can not turn it off (yet). The developer saw no reason for it but it will be implemented in the future.
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