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  2. Hello, I'm using the A330 Version The Text on the MCDU is hard to read (unsharp), especially the small ones. This is also seen on a tablet using Simserver. Are there settings so that the text is displayed sharper? Regards
  3. LOL, never, ever worry about that my friend, it's never a problem for me and I'm wrong a LOT and you guys keep me on my toes! In fact, one learns more about the Airbus working with you guys while doing tech support! On top of that, we have customers from all over the world and for many of them English is not their first (primary) langauge, and that can certainly add a unique twist to tech support! I'm not saying that is the case here, but speaking generally. So this is normal behavior. If you're in managed mode, the V/S input is disabled. It will display, but it doesn't affect the aircraft. You have to change to Selected Mode for the V/S input to work.
  4. Hey Brit, If I understand you correctly (I might not), the knob you're referencing controls the Integral lighting, not the Flood Lighting. Below is a screen shot and short video showing this, and how to control the Flood Lighting in question. I'm not sure if we've updated this yet in the documentation. I hope this helps! 2019-12-14 10-22-11.mp4 Ah, I see my friend Ben answered while i was answering... my apologies Ben! Ah, I see my friend Ben answered just before I did.... my apoloigies!
  5. I think what you mean might be the flood lights...they are operated from the pedestal. Plus, I also don't know what you mean by "mach button", but I guess you mean the A/THR push button. If yes...the controls below this are not push buttons. You have to rotate them, so you use your mouse wheel.
  6. I deleted between SMO and VTU to comply with the tutorial but that does not change the problem. To my knowledge AS CRJ700-900 does not give the possibility between NavData Pro and Navigraph. I use Navigraph cycle 1902. Procedure file of KLAX AIRAC 1912: SID,VTU8,24R,1 VR,0,SMO,154.0,251.0,3,3000,0,0,0,0,0,0, VM,0,0,0,251.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, DF,VTU,34.115058,-119.049492,0, ,0.0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, Procedure file KLAX AIRAC 1913 SID,VTU8,24R,1 VR,0,SMO,154.0,251.0,3,3000,0,0,0,0,0,0, VM,0,0,0,251.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, DF,VTU,34.115064,-119.049500,0, ,0.0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, Same configuration as with AIRAC 1912 and same problem. Kind regards, Marc.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains the livery B-LAD "Progress Hong Kong" Special Livery for Aerosoft A330 RR Professional only. B-LAD is a special aircraft that Cathay Pacific has specially painted into in 2006 to celebrate it's 60th anniversary. Cathay also used this aircraft to celebrate the delivery of it's 100th aircraft in it's fleet. Sadly, due to the rebranding of the "Brushwing" livery, this unique livery has already disappeared in the real world. Please read the read-me file before installation to the root file!!! Feel free to contact me if you find any flaws or problems, via Aerosoft Forum or my Email (link inside the read-me file) Happy Flying!!!
  8. I am really sorry to come trough as saying you are wrong, I'm glad you are here helping me! The issue I stated is related to what I quoted you: If I am climbing in managed mode, I can rotate the V/S knob, however, in my side, it keeps displaying the V/S the airplane is doing currently, making me unable to preselect the one I want. This does not happen when climbing in OP CLB.
  9. Hi It's a Finnair livery. Here's a shot of the lights. They come down from the MCP.
  10. Thank you! I will add the post to the fix list topic.
  11. Same problem here. I have tried the Connectpro shortcut that is in the start menu under Aerosoft but I have also the error message that it cannot find the .ini file. Guessing that something is missing for the A330.
  12. I agree. It took about a year after the release of the Airbus Pro A3XX Series for Aerosoft to work out all of the issues and I assume it will be the same with the 330. Lately the A330 starts to nose dive when it's time to descend: not sure what that's about but again I am guessing everything will be fixed over time. It's a nice aircraft and although I wish we had the same predefined views as the A3XX series it's a fairly decent alternative if you want to fly long haul in something other than Boeing. (And "fairly decent" will hopefully become "very nice" in the future)
  13. Thank you very much for the report, and I have added this to my To-Do List for checking today or tomorrow. In the meantime there are two things you can do. 1. There is a long standing FSX/P3d bug that randomly mutes the sound when changing window focus from one to another including the dekstop. When this occurs you can get the sounds back by pressing the "Q" key twice. 2. Be suire the Mute on Lost Focus is NOT checked in the P3D settings (see screen shot below). Thanks again for the report! Best wishes!
  14. I have the same issue. Was looking for it last night and my folder contents are identical to yours.
  15. Matty, Excellent suggestion, I had already added this to my To-Do List for today or tomorrow and I will get back to you my friend. Thanks for the CFG file, but the one I need is actually located at: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\AS_P3Dv4\Options The default file is named "Prepar3DOptions", but it's also possible that you might have created a custom file named whatever you decided to call it (example: I have two such files, one is named "MyCustomOptions" and the other is "Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1". Just provide me with the file you were using at the time of the flight, regardles of what it may be named.
  16. Hi Brit, which aircraft and livery specifically? Which interior lights exactly as there are some of them on the flight deck? Maybe also upload a picture illustrating your issue.
  17. I was able to complete my flight last night without any further GWCG anomalies. It varied throughout the flight (going as high as 38% but never going red) but finished on the ground at 30.5%.
  18. Good to see you painting Matt! I'll finish up this Qantas and let you handle the rest! (you can never have too many Qantas liveries)
  19. Okay it seems it is working when I select a view with the embbeded view system. Then if I turn it off I've got the white plane again. I have to mention that I use EzDok 2 and as you can see the wing textures are good.
  20. I'm sorry to hear that you suffered this issue. I have never experienced this, and I use the Wind Update several times during all my flights. Is this repeatable for you? Also, please provide the version of the A33 your are using (,, and let us know what weather source you had selected in MCDU#3 (on the Pedestal). About 18 hours prior to the A330 release we added the Self Test to the A330 code. About 6 hours before release I discovered the problem you are citing, which occurs anytime the time in the sim is rolled back (so it happens not just with re-loading a saved folight from within the sim, but also if you change the time backwards while in the sim). I'm not entirely sure, but I believe you can close P3D, restart P3D, and load the saved flight from the P3D Scenario Selection screen and you shouldn't experience the issue... but I have not tested that (please let us know?). So anyway, we're aware of the problem and it's significance and we're hoping to provide the fix in the latest update. I was out of the office all day yesterday and I haven't had an opportunity to review the changes in the experimental update, but it may already be fixed in that update - I'll test it a little later today but you can always give it a shot yourself!. If the fix was not included in the update then I'm sure a fix for this time/Self Test issue it will be out soon. Again, our most sincere apologies! Best wishes!
  21. I have a similar issue to the originator, so I have done some testing with all three Airbus packages A318-9, A320-1, and now A333. Initially, I re-calibrated the CH throttle quadrant levers in the Windows devices panel. I set up the same FSUIPC profile for all three packages, defining two levers, one per engine, using the "Axis Throttle X set" assignment but not calibrating them in FSUIPC. To test idle readings , I initially increased the throttle levers to about half setting and then back to idle position. In the first two packages, I got idle N1 readings of 19.1%, which is about what I would expect. More to the point, these figure did not decrease when pressing the F1 key. With the A333 however, the figures for idle settings are 1.014 EPR, and N1 of 23.9%, which seems a little high. Unusually, when I press F1, the figures drop to 1.011 EPR and N1 of 19.2%, which seems more reasonable. Only in the A333 do the figures in idle not reduce any lower than 23.9%, unless I press F1. Why is this? Is this the reason for increased speed while taxiing with idle throttle. Certainly the A333 seems to behave differently to the others. I wondered if FSUIPC was the cause of the discrepancy, so I removed it altogether from P3D. I defined the throttles inside P3D's normal axis definition menu.. I repeated the tests and the figures for the A318-9 and A320-1 were identical to those using FSUIPC, with no change in idle setting before and after pressing F1. With the A333, the same figures were obtained as above, with a repeat of the discrepancy noted when FSUIPC was in use. So FSUIPC does not seem to be responsible for this varied behaviour. I would be interested to hear what the developers make of this. I must add that in all of my other aircraft, I do not remember a similar case. Generally, if the axes are defined and calibrated properly, the idle engine values do not reduce any further when F1 is pressed. I always do this check when setting up a new aircraft to ensure the throttles are working correctly.
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  23. Hello Simple problem but annoying. I press the knob in the middle under the mach button but nothing happens. The dim switch works fine.
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. Thanks for your report! Yes sir, we were aware of this during the Beta and we hope to provide direct-on views in the coming weeks. We just didn't have the time to get to this before release. Best wishes my friend!
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