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Prop Lever Issues


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Hello All,

I have only just received my Twin Otter Extended and I seem to have a Prop Lever issue arising as I comple the checklist. I am aware from reading previous forum postings that this has been an issue but I thought i read somewhere that it had been resolved - it doesnt seem to have been resolved for me.

I have installed Hotfixes 1-4 and use the standard FSX key assignments to adjust the Prop RPM. I have a Microsoft joystick which is used only for the Power Lever controls.

In detail - when I come to the checklist item 'Propeller Levers - Full Fwd/ Feather' if I use keyboard assignment [CTRL+F1 Low RPM] the levers certainly go Full Fwd [as far as I can tell] but the checklist does not go 'green'.

If I then right click the red 'X' the Levers go back to High RPM and the 'X' goes green ! The opposite to what I wpould have expected.

Ctrl+F1 returns the levers to Full Fwd but then the red 'X' reappears.

Can anyone help please ?



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