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Hotfix1-4 Complete for FSX (Updated 18.August.2015)


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New Download link Updated 2015-08-18 !!!


This is a complete set of corrections including Hotfix 1, 2,3 & 4, to be applied on Twin Otter Extended Version 1.11.


  • Hotfix 1 took care of the runaway elevator trim when disengaging the autopilot.
  • Hotfix 2 changed the Autopilot Go-Around (GA) mode logic.
  • Hotfix 3 solves the problem with the ADF not being able to be set to .5 Khz.
  • Hotfix 4 fixes a problem with the electrical logic for the fuel boost pumps.


The real Bendix King KR 87 TSO does not have any decimal settings, thus this cannot be set.

In reallife though, the ADF radio is able to pickup frequencies, even if the exact frequency isn't set, just like when You tune Your FM radio, reception is still possible, though a bit distorted, when You get near the exact frequency.


In FSX the frequency must be set exactly to the correct frequency to work.


Hotfix 3 will make the ADF scan between the set frequency - f.ex 341 i.e 341.0 and 341.5 and then lock to the frequency where it receives a signal.


This means that if Your naviagtion chart tells You that the NDB You like to tune is at 341.5, then simply set the ADF frequency to 341 and the ADF will then toggle between 341.0 and 341.5 with an interval of 5 seconds. If the ADF then picks up a signal on 341.5, then it will stay there and stop toggling.


This is very much the same function as can be set via FSUIPC.


Download Hotfix1-4 complete:  TW_Hotfix_1-4_complete_FSX.zip


Then unzip and overwrite into: \\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\

Since the other Twin Otter models uses (Aliases) the gauges and systeme logics from the -300 Wheels, the fixes will also be active for those.



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If you download and install this hotfix will this delete and changes you made for A2A shock wave lighting and The installation of GTN 750 into the panel? I already have downloaded the hotfix but have not installed it yet thinking I would have to rebuild the panel config.

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I have installed the hotfix but for this option


In the VC model, find all instances of GPS IS FLIGHT PLAN, and change to GPS IS WAY POINT

i dont find where i can change this input. Could you give some more iinstructions ?

Many thanks

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