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John Glanville

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Fail to understand why this post was closed so quickly as it gave me no chance to reply to Evora23 to at least thank him for reporting that he was ( after all ) able to install the repaints .

It is just a misconception that Aerosoft AirbusX paints will not work in the various versions . There are only minor changes to the paintkit / textures which have to do with the sharklet models . The only major change has to do with the VC textures , which were altered and renamed ( and therefore not compatible ) with the release of the AirbusX Extended in 2012 .

There are several hundred AirbusX paints that are available in the downloads section that function perfectly well in the later versions but do require that the end user makes some minor changes after installing by hand . The Livery Manager ( LM ) cannot be used simply because they were uploaded long before the LM was even thought of . The VC textures will not show any registration / selcal codes as due to the name change of these textures , the Base textures will be used which are blank . With the release of each version of the Airbus I have had no difficulties whatsoever installing my paints into the newer version apart from having to make some changes to the aircraft.cfg .

Once these liveries are installed and working correctly a backup can be made using the LM for use with re-installing after any future Service Packs .

Note to mods : Missing the Preview button when posting ( helps for checking text ) .

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