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Well I have no real answer for why I've waited this long but I just picked up this gem yesterday and oh my, what an amazing piece of work. Definitely should have spent the money sooner as I can see how this will quickly become one of my most prized addons; I can tell you I have quite a few high quality payware aircraft that it competes against for my interest...the twotter simply excels.

Congrats to the development team; this sim will go down as one of the all-time best of the best. Thanks also to all the talented painters that have provided such

wonderful art. I've downloaded many hangars full already!

Still reading through manuals and have taken a few short hops while becoming familiar with the systems. One thing that has me stumped is the pneumatic low pressure warning light that never seems to go out after a cold & dark start (yes, a properly configured c&d state) despite application of power and rpm. Running v1.11 + the 4 hotfixes.

I was recently surprised to find, after playing with a few switches, that the light does eventually go out after turning the bleeds ON. I'm not sure it's supposed to work

this way but any light shed on this would be most appreciated. The light does go out properly after a non-C&D start, i.e., using either ctrl-e in fsx (yuck) or the configuration tab option. The wonky light only seems to be an issue with my C&D starts and only when the bleeds are off.

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You are correct, this indicator is for bleed air, so it will not go out unless you have one or both bleed air switches on. Bleed air pressure is marginal at idle so you usually get the indicator until you come off idle. (There is probably a minimum Ng rpm specified somewhere in the manual.)

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Just like Mark says....

At idle speed the engines do not provide sufficient bleedairpressure to extinguish the warning light.

This is how it works in the real Twin Otter.

Bleedair in the Twin Otter is only used for cabinheat, de-icing boots and for the inertial seperator actuators.

The Twon Otter has an unpressurerised cabin, so no use of bleedair for that.


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