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Ezdok and Checklist Cameras


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Hey all - I purchased the Twin Otter Extended today but it doesn't want to work with Ezdok 1.185.5

When I run through the checklists and click on the items the camera zooms to completely the wrong places. Even if I disable Ezdok before I load Prepar3d I still can't use the check list.

I've tried running Ezdok config but this hasn't helped... the views in the plane using a or s seem to work fine. I don't really want to uninstall Ezdok entirely just to get the checklist working :/

Any ideas?

Does anyone have the checklist camera working with Ezdok installed?



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I do not have Ezdok, and am seeing the same thing. I can click on the text of a checklist item multiple times, and each time the view changes to a different one of the predefined views. I thought it was supposed to switch to the view that shows the given checklist item ...

Edit: Just noticed hotfix 1 - 4 posted at the start of this forum. I will install these and report back on whether I am still seeing this issue with the checklist.


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 After much research i have found that if you uninstall EZDOK , in orderTo restore the original panel selector views you will need to copy and paste the original "camera cfg." file from fsx main directory into the "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX" folder. please note the path to your folder might be different.

note that this will overwrite all entries made by Ezdok.

This Worked for me.

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