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Lights and sounds

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Hello everyone,

Forgive me if this has been answered before. I did search, and am surprised I couldn't find anything.

The Airbus Extended feels like an exquisite piece of machinery! It's very well designed, it is full of well thought extras, functions as expected. The best airbus I have EVER tried.

First question:

Why don't the repaints have the landing lights iluminating the fuselage at night with the landind lights on like we've been used to for ages? Is this a limitation in the model?

By the way, having the lights actually iluminate the ground is one of those things that I wonder - why, oh why don't we have this in every aircraft yet.

Second question;

I read in another thread that the sound environment is more like what users *think* the airbus sound like in the cockpit than how it *actually* sounds like, namely, engine noise being louder than in reality. I was surprised by this. If the engines are not supposed to be heard from the cockpit, that's how I want it to be then.

*EDIT* This is what is written in the manual:

"VOLUME: On the volume control page you can adjust your individual background noises and other audio elements. Keep in mind that the Airbus Cockpit is a noisy environment. In cruise you will hardly hear the engines and wind noise over the noise the cooling fans that keep the electronics cool! Changes made are kept for your next flight. If you like your own default settings ask us on the forums and we’ll be glad to assist."

In fact I think wind noise is drowning all else, including my radar contact voices. What can I do to have the cockpit sound like it should? Perhaps a suggestion of how to setup the FSX sound settings could help with this?

Many thanks,


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Hey Alex,

Q1: Could you show us a screenshot of how it looks for you? :)

Q2: I Dont know of any recommended setting for realistic sounds, sorry.


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