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I dont get Modulus in my FSX ?

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I had to rebout my vista sp2 32bit machine, and have installt my fsx, acceleration, rex essential plus overdrive, accu feel.

Bad when i try to install my cumulusx again it makes not a modulus map in my fsx.

accu feel makes also a modulus map in my fsx, so i remove accu feel, and gife that room for cumulusx to make, bad nothings happens here in fsx, no modulus map ?

Wen i try to install my cumulusx it stand on my desc, tools autostart on, smooth shadow on, thermals whitt birds, all, on, bad when i klick connect, failed to connect.

I try't by hand to install comulusx, bad that not working, the scenery loader repeats everetime the same load, en stops, and again, i cant fly pff. :help_s:

Is there anybady who nose how i can ficks this ?

I have a lot off fun whitt cumulusx in my game every day, i love it :excellenttext_s: , so it mast work again.



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