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ASC_PF_RadarTilt.wav in loop !? Solved !

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I just bought/installed the bundle.

On my second flight LFPO/LFMN all the flight was perfect excepted during the descent the ASC_PF_RadarTilt.wav played in loop until to the park (during the checklists also). Loop stood still at the end of checklist script.

Is it a temporary "glitch" or I forgot something to the story like some actions on some buttons ?

FSX Accel/Windows 7U 64 Bundle 1.30 e. I read the manuals.

Thanks in advance,


Richard Portier

Edit : found it ! It was the TCAS = TILT BELOW. Was influenced by the word "radar", so I looked at the Weather Radar Tilt :rolleyes: ! I reread the ***** manual and bingo.

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