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Canadian (Army) Twotter


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Just putting out a feeler to see if there is any interest :) I'm working lots so it may take me a few weeks to finish this one.



Any Specular gurus around? I could use a hand. Also is there a better way to display images in the forums here other than going through a third party site?


Hope you enjoyed


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A very cool repaint.

You can attach files by clicking on "Use Full Editor" and then "Click To Attach Files" in the next screen.

Thanks mopperle for the advice and the kind words!

I'm in, I would love a copy when it's finished.


:) Soon as I can catch a break I'll finish it off (just need to do some work on the speculars for it mostly) I'll drop a line in here when I'm done.

Wow that's a nice livery! :)

Thank you Daniel! I really like your liveries too!

That's absolutely brilliant! Oh man, I need to buy this addon.

Hey Sapper, I really recommend The Twotter X! I've liked the *product* since day 1 (day 1 being the first time I saw it in the preview forum) and though I fly lots of (sim) planes this is one of the few that I fly regularly! Thanks for the kind words!


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Wow nice work mate, impressive repaint.

Thanks Stathis :)

This is the Twin Otter Extended :)

The Twotter X is the previous version!

Yes of course it is :) , My bad and this paint is for the Twotter Extended. Thank you Eric

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