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Emanuel Hagen

Connected Flight Deck VC table checklist

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For all those of you who do not like opening a PDF each time you have to run a checklist I've created a checklist on the table in the virtual cockpit.

It's made in the style used by many major carriers here in Europe and equals the one in the Vol.9 Connected Flight Deck manual (which I hope you have read to date :P):


Unfortunatly, as the size of the checklist there is fixed and can't be changed, I had to cut two checklists off, so I descided to remove the After Landing and the Securing checklist from the table.

You can find it here:

I hope you like it!

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can I ask you?

on checklit. we can see "PF" "PM" "1" and "B".

PF is Pilot fltying.may be.

what are others?

and when "PF", PF must call? and "PM" "1" and "B"?

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PF=Pilot Flying

PM=Pilot Monitoring (former Pilot non Flying)

1= Crew Member 1 (former Captain)

2= Crew Member 2 (former First officer)

Checklists are usually read by the First officer on the ground and by the PM in the air.

If an item is labelled 1 the Captain has to answer it, if it is labelled PM the Pilot monitoring has to answer it, etc.

I hope that clarifies it.

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"B" means Both. Both the PF and the PM have to answer, with the one not reading the checklist answering first.

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