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Strange scenery at LPMA


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Hey there,

Just bought a new computer, i7 4670K, GTX 970 graphics card, all the best stuff in it. Set it up according to Nick bible (Thanx Nick!!). Had LPMA installed on the old computer, worked well. Bought the new LPMA scenery, and there are these monstorous spiky walls at the end of the runways.

I use ORBX. LPMA is at the top of the scenery list, number 2 after AES basepack.

I included a picture. Ant clue as to what is wrong? I removed it completely once and did a reinstall, no help. Got a warning to delete the aec_lpma file in the orbx scenery. Did that too.


P B Nielsen Copenhagen

I'd appreciate any help, it's a cool airport!



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my apologies, yes of course I have run the altitude correction tool, that is when the trouble began..With LPMA installed, I had half buried aircraft, cars and other airport vehicles! Ran the altitude correction tool ing FTX vector, that corrected the mentioned problem, but gave me this very odd scenery with the spiked walls at the end of each runway?

Any help out there? Have tried reinstalling, no improvement..


PB Nielsen

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