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Airbus x a320/a321 repaints

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When I sometimes download livery add on's for the a320/a321 x by aerosoft they show up but with a dark shadow, it only happens with some but is really annoying as the ones I really like are experiencing this problem.

Any help out there?

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It would help if you actually tell us which repaint is not working for you . We have no way to know this . Name , download link ??

You have posted in the AirbusX Extended forum but where are you trying to install the repaint .

Simply put , repaints that were uploaded before Dec 2012 were intended for the AirbusX and CANNOT be installed using the Livery Manager ( LM ) .

The textures themselves are EXACTLY the same for ALL versions , the only difference being the VC textures used in the AirbusX ( released in 2010 ) are not compatible with the AirbusX Extended ( AXE released in 2012 ) and the latest A320/321 version ( released 2014 ) and vice versa .

To install an AirbusX repaint in the AXE or latest version , simply unzip , place the map texture.??? in the correct folder , add the fltsim.?? entry into the airctaft.cfg . When you have done this copy a texture.cfg from another ( working ) texture of the same type . The VC textures supplied with an AirbusX paint WILL NOT work in the AXE and later version . There will be VC textures but no registration showing .

The procedure to install an AXE / A320/321 paint into the AirbusX folders is exactly the same . DO NOT use the LM to install . One thing to consider is that sharklet models are not avalable for the Airbus X , so will show as " normal " with wingtip " fences " . Also as above VC textures supplied with an AXE or later paint WILL NOT work in the ArbusX version . There will be VC textures but no registration showing .


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It's quite a few repaints, for example Air France A321, Thomas Cook A321. I bought it off of Just didn't come with a livery installer, mine is AirbusX so therefor mine is the older one as you said, thanks for your help


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