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ASK21 and CumulusX! 1.9.1 in FSX SE problems


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Good evening all, I bought your ASK21 and it's really nice to fly! Congatulations!

But, I have a huge problem with CumulusX! in FSX Steam Edition. I have a licensed copy of CumulusX!, when I install it i get some errors (Like unable to create a .EXE file and a .DLL file, something like that), however CumulusX! program can start. As soon as I connect CumulusX, my simulator begins reloading the flight and it respawns the glider in other places near the airport that I selected. It reload continuously the flight so it is impossible to fly. The flight is reloaded only if have CumulusX! connected.

What can it be? CumulusX! incombatible with FSX Steam Edition? What can I do to fly this beautiful glider?



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Hi Stefano,

the symptom that the aircraft respawns all over around means that the during installation the CumulusX! object models didn't make it where they belong. Usually this happens, if installation was not done according the manual, i.e. by executing the install command with admin privileges (right click install.cmd, then "Run as Admin"). This you should try at first, and there is no need for uninstalling CumulusX! prior to that.

However, you have FSX.SE installed, which I do not support, as I'm lacking an own installation. I know from others that CumulusX! can be made working, but a problem for the installer might be differences in directories and naming of certain files. I also know that FSX.SE behaves differently if it was installed in parellel to an existing or possibly also previous installation of FSX.MS.

If the first above you should check what your FSX.SE installation directory is, and if CumulusX! finds it automatically during installation.

bests Peter

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Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for your support! I tryed to install it again as admin but my problem is still there. When I install CumulusX! I have to select the installation path because it doesn't find it automatically. But as I select the right installation path, it installs CumulusX! in the path that I selected, but still with the .DLL and .EXE errors that I said.

However, I have the feeling that it cannot find the fsx-se.cfg file, It seems it is looking for fsx.cfg (not steam) file. But I don't know how to make it find it.

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First: Read everything from here down to the bottom.

Yes, CumulusX! will not find fsx-se.cfg, but this is not required in a first place (it will when changing tow plane configurations).

Unfortunately I don't have an FSX.SE installation so that I cannot verify what exactly goes wrong. I assume, hat FSX.SE uses directories and file names different from FSX.MS (mostly if it is installed in parallel to FSX). You may check this:

Type in the search field of windows this:


Look out if your have a directory there named "FSX" or "FSX-SE". CumulusX will only look into "FSX". You can create an extra entry in the directory named "FSX" that points to the "FSX-SE" and let CumulusX! automatically reach the files there. This goes like this:

Enter the field "Run" in the Windows Start Menu and type in Cmd.exe

A text-based command window will appear showing something like C:\User\<your name> as prompt.

Type cd %appdata%\Microsoft

The prompt will show now: C:\user\<yourname>\AppData\Microsoft

Type dir fsx*

There should be now a list of directories starting with the letters FSX, there should be only FSX-SE (and not FSX)

Now type: mklink /j FSX FSX-SE

Type dir fsx* again. Now you should have in the list a new virtual directory named FSX that has exactly the same content than FSX-SE, and, even better, anything that is changed in one directory is reflected in the corresponding directory, too.

Beware, that holds true for deletions, either!

If you ever want to remove the virtual directory FSX again, then start as above, but instead of mklink ... type rmdir FSX

Another problem may occur if FSX.CFG is not present but instead FSX-SE.CFG. In this case tow plane selection and adjustment will go wrong.

For this you have to enter: mklink /h FSX.CFG FSX-SE.CFG

Again changes in one file are reflected in the other one. Different from deleting files in the linked directories, you can delete one of the two files and the other will remain.

Well pretty long story and down to command line basics, but I assume with these tweaks CumulusX! will work as usual.

Though, be careful and note that I could not test it myself for verification. Make a backup of your FSX-directories first.



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No-no reinstall. Check if this folder exist:


If this does not exist, you did not install into the installation directory of FSX-SE. Instead you will find the indicated structure and files somewhere else (where you set the installation path). There FSX-SE cannot find the cloud models which causes the reloading phenomenon.

Your installation path needs to be the installation directory of FSX-SE!

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Thanks a lot Peter! That was the problem, there was't the "CumulusXCloud" folder in my FSX-SE path. It's really strange because I payed attention to install CumulusX! in the right FSX-SE folder, and in fact it was! However the reloading problem stopped now! Thanks a lot!

I would like to ask you one more thing, this time about selecting tow plane. When I try to select a tow plane, I set flaps and towing speed, as I save I get this message: "Error during reading of fsx.cfg. Tow Plane change aborted."

What would you suggest me?

I really thank you for your support!

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  • 3 months later...

I'm really sorry for my delay, I was so busy in the last months with job, flight school and family that I forgot to write in this topic again.

In the end I decided to go back to FSX NO STEAM edition, due to troubles with other add ons.. It's a shame, because I think FSX SE got some performance and loading improvements.

Thanks a lot for your help Peter, you're a great man!

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Man I wish I'd thought to google "FSX scenery continuously reloading" hours earlier. I tried sooooo many other things to fix this problem. My bad. When I upgraded from Windows 10 to 7 I re-installed FSX and dropped the modules folder into it. I totally forgot that CX! puts cloud files in the SimObjects\Airplanes folder. When I read this post the reloading problem suddenly made sense. Doh! I was too clever for my own good lol.


All's good now.


Peter I'm still loving your program - as is everyone over at UKVGA.org





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