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Poe Dameron

The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

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Can You Add Turkish Airlines Fleet (Includes A330-200, A330-300 &  Freighter)


Turkish Airlines

A330-200 (GE, PW, RR)

A330-300 (GE, PW, RR)


Turkish Cargo

A330-200F (GE, PW, RR)


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Heeeellllloooooooo Holgi.


I would love to fly this livery.. Air China (Zijin Hao Livery)




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Yh, this one is a fantastic livery. Looking so impressive.

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I just want to see all of the Azul and TAP 330 liveries and I will be quite content but TAP for certain. 

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vor 6 Stunden , 2302ts sagte:

No decision has been made about an A330-200. The only sure addon is the A330-300 with RR engines.

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On ‎2‎/‎24‎/‎2015 at 10:10 PM, Poe Dameron said:

G'day fellow captains/first officers,

As you can tell we are all pretty excited for the upcoming A330 which is under development by the talented team here at Aerosoft.

That being said, I have noticed many of you guys making requests for certain paints and decided that it was in the best interest that we collate everyone's request into one easy to refer thread. You guys can post your requests but be sure to include the engine type and variant(332/333).

Hopefully, the development team can pick up a few interesting ones and release it together with the aircraft.


Do note that this is NOT an official Aerosoft thread.






Hello Chris,


On the A330 preview thread I posted this reaction below of mine.  Just to inform and not to forget, only to take into account... 😉


As I saw the preview of Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic liveries…

I was wondering if it would be possible to not only have main color on to the A330's winglets, but also correct logo placement* at both side of each winglet (for other liveries done by dev. or users) like some airlines** do in real?


* Not as the bad and frustrating/disappointing winglet programming of the Wilco Publishing versions (those winglet coloring were mirrored from one winglet on to the other which gave vertical flipment of the logo on to the second winglet)

**i.e. of (very known) airlines: - Emirates; - Malaysia Airlines; - KLM; - Swiss; - South African; - Brussels Airlines; - Jet Airways (used to) ; - Garuda Indonesia (color sheme); - Cathay Pacific (only inner side); - Air Transat (only outer side); …


Keep up the excelent huge development work!!! 😉

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The ones that I'd like would be (all for the A330-300RR): 


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