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No wing or windscreen ice


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Hi there,

When I first got the plane, it would ice up easily, if the weather/clouds were set to icing, even light icing, and there was a very cool ice effect over the windshield. I've not flown the Twin Otter for a while, and now, if I set up to moderate icing, nothing happens. Anyone any ideas? (I had thought of 'Advanced Animations' in the realism settings, but that's on).


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For icing to occur the following must be true:

Outside air temperature must be between ÷10 and +2°C

It must either rain,snow,visibility must be below 1700 meters / 1 nm (since visibility most often is caused by moisture) or FSX structural icing percenatge is above 0.2%.

So for icing to occur try to set the weather with +1°C and let it rain or snow. instead of precipitation You can set a visisbility below 1700 meter.


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Hi chaps !

A few words of insight. I'm flying a lot in Quebec those days, with real weather, and deicing is a requirement. My first trip was from Quebec Lesage (CYQB), with ground temperature below minus 10 °C, and heavy snowing at take off. I had forgotten deicing, and at full power, the plane took 100 ft and crashed. On second attempt, I had switched deicing fully on, except window deicing. Take off was successful, but after five minutes flying, the window was full of a spendid white opaque !

Deicing, and consequences, is effective on the Twin.

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