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Neutral / Private owned / Charter Liverie

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Hey pilots!

I wonder if there already exists an neutral liverie for the twotter? What I mean is a liverie without an airline logo and an neutral registration like dhc-6 or so on it. But with some stripes or other design elements. For example, an private owned cessna has just some coloured stripes on the fuselage.

I know the fact that the twotter is mostly (or only?) used by airlines, but for the sim it would be great if there is a liverie which we can fly all over the world with no disturbing in immersion :-)

Maybe an Aerosoft liverie or an De Havilland demonstrator...

Sadly, I have absolutely not the skills to do such an liverie, but maybe I have inspirated an liverie-engineer!?

Regards and happy landings,


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D-IVER not neutral enough?

Ah, seems that I have overseen this liverie ^^ thank you for suggesting!

But if one of the great liverie makers is in the mood to do another neutral liverie, why not :-)

Thanks and regards!

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