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Rain effect on Virtual cockpit window

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Will their in the furture be made a realistic raineffect in VC ?

Just like on the busses in OMSI Bussimulator !


Yours Sencerly


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Since animations were changed from FS9 to FSX, VC rain drops disappeared from FSX. That's why you don't have them by default anymore.

The only way to get them is to program them into the VC model of the aircraft. This, while possible, badly influences performance.

That's why very few developers decided to include them (how many native FSX aircraft with VC raindrops have you seen?).

So when there's a lot of effort put to save recources on complex and fluent gauges/displays, wx radars, etc, there's simply no point in doing that.

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I checked if there was any new way to do them. But it's still the same, to make it look good means losing 50% of your FPS. That's not worthwhile for us. So sorry but it's not going to happen.

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