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Power and Propeller Reduction Sequence

Bob G.

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After takeoff in the DHC-6 Twin Otter what is the proper power and propeller reduction sequence and why? Is it reduce propeller RPM first and then engine power or is it reduce engine power first and then propeller RPM?

On landing what is the sequence?


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It depends...

Since Torque will increase as You reduce prop RPM, You need to alow for this increase in torque, before reducing Prop RPM

Often You don´t need full power for the take off, so in that instance You can simply let the power levers where they are, and reduce prop RPM, monitoring that Your torque stay within limits.

If You take off with full allowable power setting (torque), then You will need to reduce power before reducing prop RPM.

During descend, simply keep cruise prop RPM setting.

Before reaching MDA/DH (Minimum descend altitude or Decision height) increase prop RPM to full inorder to prepare for an eventual go-around.


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