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Wing Lights (Made some for you)

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Any idea where to find again that fix? I've been looking for it in several topics but all the links are not avail anymore. Would be nice to have this to enhance the "bus". 

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Anyone knows how to reduce the amount of bright? I've put this lights to work along with landing lights (changing the first 8 of the string for a 5). But the light is too much white.


I purchased Aerosoft Airbus (Bundle) a month ago, and the flying experience, model, textures, vc... almost everything is superb. But I can not understand why them can not put the landing lights reflection on the engine.

Even when freeware models like PA years ago or commercial models like BBS nowadays come with it.


I read here in the forum that this and other requests (like external sound in wingviews wich I had to copy the internal sounds as external) are not going to be implemented in future updates because in other words the aircraft wouldn't cost what it does now.


I believe that I and many others would be willing to pay a little more for these little things that would make this great airplane the best one.


Well, I will continue trying myself... :unsure:


I hope not to offend anyone! 



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Well, better than nothing...


Too much on the fuselage and it's getting into the engines also but maybe not so bright now. 






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Engines will always bright, because you must make a new textures for engines when light is on like for other parts of plane.



LH night.jpg

LH day.jpg

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