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Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

Daniel Fürnkäß

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On 11.1.2016 at 14:31, GermanRegionalPilot sagte:

Hey Daniel,

any news about the Air Seychelles paints? would love to have them in my sim!


There are some news ...
I'm still struggling with the Tail of S7-AAR and S7-AAF at the moment ...
It's quite difficult to get the reg. number onto a curved surface without creating odd looking letters.
So to say it's time consuming pixel hopping ... but it's on it's way ;)

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Work continues, I'm doing some research, glad there's YouTube and Flickr!


Here's the updated Air Seychelles Twin Otter Fleet:

Air Seychelles "Isle of Curieuse" (S7-CUR)     - Exterior - DONE / Interior - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of Farquhar" (S7-AAR)     - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of La Digue" (S7-LDI)       - Exterior - DONE / Interoir - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of Praslin" (S7-AAF)         - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP



Air Seychelles "Isle of Bird" (S7-BRD)             - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP

Air Seychelles "Isle of Denis" (S7-DNS)          - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP


Removed, as not operational anymore:

Air Seychelles "Isle of Desroches" (S7-AAJ)

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On 24.3.2016 at 14:48, GermanRegionalPilot sagte:



Amazing Daniel, downloading right now and jumping into the sim in a few minutes!!!!


vor 15 Stunden , nieto sagte:

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for the Seychelles textures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :groupwave_s:




Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

More to come sometime this week. ;)

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