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Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

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I somehow decided to reboot my Twin Otter Paintshop ... no idea why ... Some WIP screens, don't ask when they will be finished. They are done, when they are done! As usual those liver

Hello People! I'm Seeking A Painter To Make A New TMA (Trans Maldivian Airways) DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Floats.   It Should Cover:   Interior of the Cabin Livery Outside The Plan

There will be no further updates on my Twin Otter liveries as an "Extended Extended" version was or is in discussion. As I can't predict on how much this will affect the base textures and how the

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On 11.1.2016 at 14:31, GermanRegionalPilot sagte:

Hey Daniel,

any news about the Air Seychelles paints? would love to have them in my sim!


There are some news ...
I'm still struggling with the Tail of S7-AAR and S7-AAF at the moment ...
It's quite difficult to get the reg. number onto a curved surface without creating odd looking letters.
So to say it's time consuming pixel hopping ... but it's on it's way ;)

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Work continues, I'm doing some research, glad there's YouTube and Flickr!


Here's the updated Air Seychelles Twin Otter Fleet:

Air Seychelles "Isle of Curieuse" (S7-CUR)     - Exterior - DONE / Interior - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of Farquhar" (S7-AAR)     - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of La Digue" (S7-LDI)       - Exterior - DONE / Interoir - WIP
Air Seychelles "Isle of Praslin" (S7-AAF)         - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP



Air Seychelles "Isle of Bird" (S7-BRD)             - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP

Air Seychelles "Isle of Denis" (S7-DNS)          - Exterior - WIP / Interoir - WIP


Removed, as not operational anymore:

Air Seychelles "Isle of Desroches" (S7-AAJ)

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On 24.3.2016 at 14:48, GermanRegionalPilot sagte:



Amazing Daniel, downloading right now and jumping into the sim in a few minutes!!!!


vor 15 Stunden , nieto sagte:

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for the Seychelles textures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :groupwave_s:




Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

More to come sometime this week. ;)

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Hi Daniel,

Many thanks ! Excellent !!!!!!!:cheers_s: Very good, because some days ago, I have bought from Aerosoft the scenery Seychelles version 2 ;)

Best regards



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On 30.7.2016 at 19:20, Emanuel Hagen sagte:

impressive, very nicely done!


Thank you Emi


vor 3 Stunden , GermanRegionalPilot sagte:

Finally! Great stuff Daniel, just about to take a spin with the Twotter and your great livery!


Have fun, there's still more to come ;)

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