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Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

Daniel Fürnkäß

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I somehow decided to reboot my Twin Otter Paintshop ... no idea why ...

Some WIP screens, don't ask when they will be finished.
They are done, when they are done!

post-33723-0-32323500-1422560972_thumb.p post-33723-0-28892200-1422560979_thumb.p post-33723-0-99033700-1422560985_thumb.p post-33723-0-93932500-1422560993_thumb.p

As usual those liveries will come with an interior upgrade, too.
I know there's no DHC-6-400, so I'm using the old Air Seycelles DHC-6-300 interior layout.

Greetings, Daniel

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Interesting indeed, thanks.

I see you have a 'clean desk policy' :)

So normally you have two screens on your desk?

Are you drawing all textures with that sketchpad? Must be very difficult (I never did anything like this).

I prefer a clean desk ^^

Normally there are two screens, makes a better workflow as you can directly drag and drop images and photos to Photoshop or Illustrator.

I mostly draw things with that sketchpad, so it's all done by hand but based on real photos. I'm using Illustrator to create logos.

I've started working on the tail now:


Cheers, Daniel

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