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CumulusX! and the European Union


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Hello Peter! I was just at your site today hoping for good news on maybe a new version of CumulusX!. Then I found the following statement...

"As of January 1st, 2015, new legislation in the European Union is in effect imposing new requirements on VAT treatment, which are difficult to fulfill for small businesses. It is not fully clear what the consequences are for sales of personal licenses of CumulusX!. I hope to clarify the situation and come with a solution within the next few weeks. Until then sales of personal licenses are suspended."

When you do come to a solution, can you give us a heads-up here to let us know what the situation is. I was going to have some questions for you, but when I read that statement on your page, I suddenly got sick to my stomach. But, BEST of Wishes to you on the situation at hand.

Scott (sf4JC) Frerking

acting Director of SOAR

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Thanks for the reply, Peter. I'll get some questions to ask within the next few days or so. Don't worry, I don't think they will be too hard to answer. I would like some insight to how the future looks for CumulusX!, maybe some things people would be interested in and look forward to.


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