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Wheel/ski version


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I was flying the wheeled/ski versionof the 600 today (have a lot os snow in Montana). I thought I had read something in the forum about the wheels and skis. Is there a way to raiseand lower the ski so you can use wheels on pavement? I noticed there is a lever on the lower panel but I can not get the lever to move with any kind of key stroke or the mouse. This lever my always be down and the ski will not move to let wheels turn on pavement.

Thanks for the help


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Thanks Finn. I figured that was the case. Just had to try it one time. Think I will go back to the Tundra for unimproved areas. Just another question. I know you were talking about the Garman 750 in the panel. Has anybody that you know of put the 530 in the panel. I bought the GNS 530 and use it a lot for carenado aircraft I have. Tried put it in the panel and it fits inside the bazel of the garman in the panel. Not sure how to expand it to fight in the 430 position. Maybe you can point me to a forum topic that talks about it. I have gone down throuogh the forums and didn't find anything.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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