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A320 / A321 Weights

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What are the simulated weights Aerosoft used for the development of these aircraft?

I'm looking for values for the following ...

OEW (Empty Weight):

MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight):

MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight):

MLW (Max Landing Weight):

Max Fuel Capacity:

Thank you,


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Thanks for the reply Werner. I started at that application, but wasn't sure which combination of fields I needed to play with to get the respective base values, so I turned to the forums for a bit more direction.

I was hoping it would be documented somewhere, but came up blank in any documents and even on the forums (perhaps not using the right query terms). I'd like to use these values to add this aircraft to my fleet in SimBrief.

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I just wanted to do the same thing, adding the aircraft at simbrief and I also didn't find any weights. The fuel planner does not provide any numbers on the various weight limitations. So did you find the correct numbers?


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