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FSX Steam Edition problem


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Now with Steam Edition launched I have the both installed in one PC to compare, so I noticed the cat-launch assistance does not work in the FSX SE only with AS F-14 X, with any carrier
but I never had any problem with the Standard Acceleration, and yes I have installed the sim connect in the FSX SE
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You should avoid installing 2 different versions of FSX that may cause problems!!!

Both are acceleration (practically the same version) but in two different installation as two different game FSX and FSX_SE, they have different folder installation at all in the Roaming, Documents, etc.

And work separately without any interference.

So this can not be the problem because another add-ons work fine.

Below in the screen is the FA-18C FSX BA 2014 and no problems


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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