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TSS sound studio in Airbus 1.2 update


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Hello guys.

I would like to share my opinion about new sound in A319/320 after update to V1,2.

I in my opinion TSS sound in 1,2 update is worse than before update. I'm sorry but that's true. Especially Sound of breaks is unrealistic and simply terrible. In V 1,1 sound has been much better.This is not a little bit worse it's not acceptable.Let's Hear it please then you understand what I mean.(try to push breaks a few times during taxi or rollout then you'll hear this unrealistic sound) . Settings of sound are doesn't matter.

It's a strange that I can't download preavious version of intallers because it's mine. Especially when after update is worse then before(in some details of course).Disable of choice installer version is a little bit imposing solutions to customers not always the end polished.

This opinion is only for some details not aginst all aircraft on the whole.This aircraft is beautifull and for me the best on this time.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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