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Turbine Sounds

Mathijs Kok

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After the vacations Turbine will work on some of the sounds based on the comments. However, we seen that many of the comments related to sounds as you hear them in the cabin and not in the cockpit.

We have discussed this a few times and it makes getting the best sounds possible very hard. People expect to hear flaps etc while on the flightdesk you simply do not hear them. You also do not hear a lot of the engine start as the flightdeck is far from the engines and the engineers did their best to avoid hearing all that stuff! The soundset is based on the full flight recording from the cockpit, with some edits things are inserted that people expect to hear and then tested by our assisting real pilots.

The brake sound for example is a real recording and it was as loud as that during the recording. However it seems much less loud on other aircraft so it will be toned down.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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