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What can I do if Holgi's Livery is not working?


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I downloaded Holgi's Easyjet A320 G-EZWN but it appears that some of the textures are missing, not externally on the aircraft, but when the main exit door is opened, inside the cabin door/galley area, it is completely black even in daylight, and on other paints, there are textures modelling the crew seat/galley etc and you can see the opposite service door, what is gone wrong? I tried copying the texture.cfg folder from another working livery that did not have this issue, to no avail.


Please can someone tell me what has gone wrong?   I have attached an image below to show the issue.




Easyjet aerosoft screenshot A320 texture issue.png

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seems like the same issue tavorissimo had - some missing fallback textures in the texture.cfg


the AS A32x has not all needed textures stored in the texture.repaintname file bis some of them in the AS default livery, or other places, therefore there are the fallback entrys in the texture.cfg

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Hey Holgi, I recently installed this livery, and every time I load it up it has the flight model error and I checked the aircraft.cfg and did what you said and it still isn't fixed with the same error, can you help me?


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After struggling to install older liveries into Airbus Professional in P3D v4.5, I wrote a summary of what has finally worked for me. It is attached to this post as a PDF document. Hopefully someone else my find it useful as well.


I used many of the ideas and suggestions from this thread, including the checklist that Holgi gave us in the first post back in 2014. However, since many of the files, folder, and locations have changed, the checklist no longer works as written. And the Livery Manager doesn't work either (it just locks up after pressing the Install Livery button), so I went with the manual method. I hope nobody is offended.

Installing Old Airbus Liveries.pdf

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On 11/18/2014 at 6:28 PM, Holgi said:

First of all,


sorry if you have this problem ...


... and now I will help you regardless of your "anger"! ;)

The great thing is that these textures are going to install for all aerosoft Airbus versions!


And now also for the brand new Airbus Series Version, but you must still consider anything!

(At least as long as the Installer do not have this option!)

1. first, you can use the installer (He helps us to plant the aircraft.cfg and the textures.)


2. now you copy manually the texture - folder again (if you have the choice, choose clean or dirt)


3. please overwrite the files when asked!


4. copy the folowing 6 files from the "Update AirbusX Extended" folder into the new texture folder


- airbus_vc_enviromap.dds
- texture.cfg
- thumbnail.jpg


5. please overwrite the files when asked again!


6. the last and most important step is the right texture.cfg


you can take this file from a working Airbus of the same type (copy and overwrite)

this means if you are install an A320 IAE you copy the texture.cfg from a working A320 IAE

if you are install an A321 CFM you copy the texture.cfg from a working A321 CFM ...




Note still following:

If you get an error message when you use the Sharklet versions then change this in the aircraft.cfg.


As an example, the A320!

old AIRBUS (fault Version):
sim = A320S
model =
sim = A320
model = SHARKLET

Hi Holgi, you didn't explain how to install/convert Airbus X liveries to the normal Aerosoft airbus. I've looked everywhere but couldn't find help. Also you mentioned, "These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended!" So I am pretty confused. 


I'm using FSX steam version with Aerosoft A-320s and A-321s as DLC. I love your work very much but I couldn't install the Airbus x or Extended into the new/normal Aerosoft airbus. 

I don't use livery manager, I like to do this manually. Please help. 

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