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Reset the Preferences

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In some cases it is a good idea to reset the preferences (for example after a big update):
Goto the X-Plane 10 Root folder, find ...Output/preferences.
For STEAM users see here how to find the X-Plane 10 main folder: 

In this folder you find some files, beginning with X-Plane and ending with .prf

Move this files out of the folder and save them to another location (so you can copy them back, if something went wrong).
Than start x-plane 10. It will create new preferences.
An now you are able to configure your X-Plane 10 with new settings incl. the Joystick Settings...
Please do it carefully and step by step: It depends on your hardware (grafic card, video RAM, System RAM...).
So configure the rendering option not at too hight values if you (for example) use a low grafic card.... (like Intel HD Grafic ...).
In some cases it is a good idea, at first only to delete the file X-Plane.prf (make a backup of it).
Greets Heinz

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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