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Rudder Trim Issue

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- Hardware

Using Prepar3D Professional 2.3.11570.0

Win7 Pro x64

Mad Catz V.1 joystick (Elevator/Aileron/Steering Tiller)

Precision Flight Controls Throttle Quadrant (Spoliers/2x throttles)

Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals (rudder/left and right toe brakes)

Everything is configured (as far as I can tell) correctly. Never had any problems until trying to use it in P3D. I'm not using the installed flight crew/checklist options.

Bringing the plane up from cold & dark, I'm having an issue with rudder trim. It's stuck on Left 3.2. Whenever I either click on the knob on the center pedestal or use rudder trim keystrokes, the knob moves, and the rudder trim number briefly changes, but immediately returns to L 3.2. Something else I noticed while in flight is that something is driving the rudder trim to the left, as the AP always have a couple degree right bank in, even while at cruise, on a straight leg.

Everythign else is operating normally. Just the rudder trim is causing an issue (get an out of trim warning when executing a TO Config check).

Any ideas for things to check?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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