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A320/319 graphic display problem


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Could somebody help Me with with some display bug. This bug occurse close to end of flight never on the beginning. Some textures are missing. Problem is stronger when I switch between the windows screen and FSX (via windows key) Some textures are missing some are black. Any update drivers is not solve this problem.This is very nice aircraft and I would to solve that ploblem.

regards Jarek

I use Win7 home premium 64bit.

My spec are;

Asus Z97C

Intel I7 4790K 4,0GHz

Kingstaon DDR3 2*8 GB 1600Mz CL9 HyperX

Asus R9 290X 4GDDR5 512bit

P.S When I use PMDG 7837NGX i have no problem like that.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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