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Manual track entry, no subscription needed

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I think the topic came up in a few threads before and I have to applaud to the community for trying to address (or work around) it. Still, a developer's input would be appreciated:

PACOTS/NAT data, which, currently, auto-updates neatly with a subscription but can not be entered (like in other flight planners) manually.

I think it would be helpful to allow a manual modification of the data in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Tracks folder. Maybe some formats offering simple txt files would help or a simple copy&paste tool like for example Flight Sim Commander uses.

After all, the access to this data is free, the websites are, the copy&paste action is. I understand that the server subscription bundle offers various data streams but, except for the "locked" PACOTS/NAT one, I have no use for them. Hence this request. :)

Edited. The issue is solved, thanks to Stephen.

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Well, seems like I spoke too soon when it comes to the availability of the option in 1.16 (apologies!):


However, I have no idea how PFPX expects me to use it. The manual doesn't cover that option.

I can click it but there's nothing to paste the track message into. :unsure: The flight plan field covers the whole flight, not just the oceanic part, so is there a way to tell PFPX the current spectrum of the tracks and then let it use that data in the same way it would use the server subscription data?

As a result, there's no way to toggle the map display of the tracks as there's no data.

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Stephen, don't be shocked but... where is the 'Track messages window'? :wacko: I've checked the manual and scanned the area with my eyes. No success. I feel like we're onto something though.

I can confirm I'm in manual mode, but there's no window.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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