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Help, why does my aircraft start to taxi?


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Well, why shouldn't it?

Here's some background:

At you can see on your displays your engines are producing some thrust, even at IDLE (see the 20% N1?).

That's necessary since otherwise the engines would simply go off again.

Now in the higher weight A320 and A321 you won't start rolling as easy as in the A318 or A319 (but an A320 can also taxi at IDLE if you don't carry to much pax/cargo).

In a comparably light A318 or A319 IDLE thrust could be more than sufficient to make the aircraft rolling.

The Flgiht Crew Traning Manual of the real Aircraft even includes a chapter about this.

Airbus advises their crews not to exceed 30kt on straight taxiways and not more than 10kt during turns.

To reduce brakeware they recommend to let the aircraft accelerate to 30kt and then brake it down to 10kt, let it accelerate again and so on... sure, that's Airbustheory and in the real world it's often done differently (most of the time the traffic situation won't permit you to vary that much in speed).

Basically that's what you should do in our Airbus too. If you need to ride the brakes (brake constantly to keep a certain speed) you should consider turning the brakefans on to avoid overheating the brakes.

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