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anyone here kind enough to tackle any of these wonderful (and neglected) liveries :rolleyes:


RP-C8974 AirAsia Solaire Livery


RP-C3275 Cebu Pacific Getgo Livery

RP-C3249 Cebu Pacific Hennan Livery (probably the easiest among them)

RP-C8988 AirAsia PacJet

RP-C8972 AirAsia Hennan Livery


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On 6/22/2016 at 7:01 PM, Eric Staunovo Polacco said:

May I request easyJet A319 reg. G-EZIW? Pleeeeeaaseeeee I think it's such a unique livery it can't be missed!


(If it already exists sorry, but I looked everywhere and found nothing so I guess no one ever made it..)



Please use links instead.






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No , actually it ISN'T . If however you were asking for a repaint made for the AirbusX you posted in the wrong forum . Repaints with sharklets do not work in the AirbusX ( photo supplied with your request shows a sharklet equipped aircraft ) , as you will have to change the names of the textures themselves . There was NO sharklet model included in the AirbusX package .

There are 3 versions of the A320/321 .

AirbusX released in 2010 , last update was 1.22

AirbusX Extended released in 2012 , last update was 1.16

A320/321 released in 2014 , last update was 1.31


Have you read the instructions given here ?

By changing TWO lines in the aircraft.cfg and copying a texture.cfg from another working livery ( of the same type ) it will work perfectly well .

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  • Aerosoft
16 hours ago, ryugahideki_ said:

It's only for Airbus Extended not for AirbusX


Just to clear things up. There are there different products:

  • Airbus X (very old, outdated)
  • Airbus X Extended (old, outdated)
  • Airbus A318/A319 & Airbus A320/A321 (current)

As the names are getting regularly confused, which product are you referring to?

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The thing is Tom that even though the AirbusX and The AirbusX Extended are " outdated " and no longer available for purchase , they are still supported by Aerosoft . It seems that the requester for the Pegasus livery is active in another topic and ( apparently ) has the latest version .

I have asked in the past that Aerosoft place a text on the repaints page stating the fact that ALL repaints work with ALL versions , with the exception of the sharklets version for the AirbusX but even then ( by renaming textures in the case of the A320 CFM ) they will show as non-sharklet aircraft . I have lost count of the times I have posted the link to the pinned topic I posted in May 2015 , or this other pinned topic :

The fact is that even though the Livery Manager is a welcome addition , it does have it's limitations when installing paints that were made for Extended into the latest version and vice versa .

It can't be used when using the AirbusX but the " old fashioned " method of unzipping and Copy & Paste is guaranteed to work no matter which version you are installing into .


Maybe another " point to consider " for members when requesting a paint is to search the database first ( using at least 3 characters ) and if unsuccessful to also mention this when making their request and adding for which versionof the Bus . With more than 1400 paints available , I find it hard to believe that any airlines have been " forgotten " , not counting any rebranding as the lack of liveries could be due to the lack of available ( detailed ) photograph's . If the airline HAS been done and the poster is looking for another registration , try contacting the painter as he has everything already to hand and just has to change the reg , another painter has to start from scratch .

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