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Repaint request


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There's no need to apologise .

It's just that Aerosoft haven't even finished the model / exterior yet , so a paint kit is ( probably ) a long way off . Add to this the only people who will have access to a paint kit will be involved in the project , us mere mortals will have to wait until after the release . As for the A330 paint wish list , just about every airline using it , past , present and future have already been named and it will be highly unlikely that any airlines " will be forgotten " .

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I would really like China Southern a320 / a321

I have searched and looked around but cannot find any. I have seen that it was in the extended liveries but I haven't been able to find it so far. If anyone can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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On 29/01/2016 at 1:15 AM, moyung said:

Hello everyone!

Can someone (Perhaps Mr. John Glanville?) please make some Dragonair A330 repaints for the upcoming A330X? I think many pilots want to have the 20th anniversary and the 25th anniversary livery of Dragonair. I know it will be a challenge to everyone who make these repaints (Also in real world!) but many people likes it! Reluctantly, Dragonair is going to be rebranded as Cathay Dragon later. This makes me posting this request here.

May I request the following repaints? (Although it's still early to request A330X repaints)

A330-300 Normal Livery B-HL?/HW?/HY?

A330-300 20th Anniversary Livery B-HWG

A330-300 25th Anniversary Livery B-HYF


Thank you in advance!


Regards from Hong Kong.


I'll be like: The product don't have a date to release date, and we don't know what repaints will already come with the product, calm down! 

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40 minutes ago, james0804 said:

I would love if someone could do a SL a320 easyjet in the new livery, as the one currently on the liveries area is not very accurate to the real thing. :)


Apart from the fact that there are TWO EasyJet A320 sharklet repaints available in the " new " livery , your post is not really going to motivate others to make a paint that could fall short of your expectations . Don't forget that anyone uploading a livery for the A318/319/320/321 does not work for Aerosoft ( or you ) and does so in their free time and at no cost . If a livery " is not good enough " , simply delete it and move on .

If your " request " had just been for an EasyJet livery with a certain registration , that would have been at least more " friendlier " without having to mention the accuracy ( your opinion ) of what is already available .

I am sure that both uploaders will now be wondering what is " wrong " with their work ( to be perfectly clear : this is sarcasm ) . Creating a livery is not 5 minutes work , it involves several hours or weeks of work , only for you to comment that it is " not very accurate " .

Seems that you have two choices , either donate to Holgi's new PC and request an " accurate " EasyJet livery from him , or break out the virtual paint brushes and create your own " better / improved / accurate " version .

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I already have that bookmarked and Flickr is normally my go-to site for high res pictures but recently a lot of these photo's can no longer be downloaded without having to sign up with another site . One of the first pictures shows N301DN with pre-delivery ( temporary ) German registration .

I'm certain that other painters will benefit from your link too .

Before I forget it seems that the story of the A321 ordered by Virgin America , is just that , a story ( for now ) . The registration and construction number given , N286VA c/n 6939 has been allocated to an A320 and N362VA c/n 6965 is to follow , so apparently no A321 for Virgin America at this time .


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On 30/01/2016 at 3:04 PM, algineyap said:

Hi Goodevening,


Can i request our customers new livery aircraft for RP-C4106 Cebu Pacific Aerosoft Airbus A320 Extended and Aerosoft A320 1.15.


Thanks and Regards,


-Singapore Airlines Engineering PH 

-Fleet (Support Services Division)

12631185_1675884689367225_1958950114_o - Copy.jpg




Please use links instead.

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