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Repaint request


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Hi all,

I can't wait to see a nice Brussels Airlines repaint of that beauty.

After all these years waiting for a good A319 Brussels airlines, i never feel so close.

If there's some good painters out there, It's easy for you to make a 30 years old guy very happy.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

John, you got me confused here, am I braking the copyright law by posting a link to the pictures?

P.S. This is a legit question, so thanks for any enlightenment as I link to pictures often with the understanding that this is legal.

No, not by posting the link itself. But if people implement the picture itself, so that it can be seen here in the forums, then they brake the copyright, yes.

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Reading the terms and conditions you will find that linking to the pictures is allowed! Since all we see here are links, there are no issues. "Stolen" (between parenthesis or not) is quite a provocative over-statement.

As a matter of fact any site will allow linking, it's free publicity!!

Hans Wilms

At the time I posted the photographs were physically copied to this forum , that is against the policy of Airliners ( - and others ) , later that was changed by a moderator and that is why you only see the links . I think you will find that Airliners ( and all others ) do consider it as theft when " hot linking " to their material , because it by passes other pages that create their income ( through advertising ) . If my statement in my post was not " correct " then the pictures would still be visible .

As a painter , sites such as Airliners.net are a major source of photographs to help with that painting , it is perfectly legal for me to download those pictures to my PC but not to upload them to another site .

If through the actions of others , downloading photo's would be disabled on these sites , where would you get your repaints then ?


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There is an awesome repaint for Iraqi Airways YI-AGR by Holgi but the colours are shifted, maybe a colour correction is in order?

and also I would love to request Moroccan Air Force Bronco please, but maybe this is only for Airbus related requests? If moderator is kind enough to guide me to the correct venue for this request?

Many thanks in advance.

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Not to seem demanding, I would just like another easyJet A319 with a different reg, so I'm not using the SAME reg as EVERYONE else. I would just like a new texture of "G-EZDA" which holds a special place for me, I've been on it a few times, and if, as an extra added bonus, if you could make it in the 'Dirty' livery, or at least with the 'Dirty' option, that would be brilliant, just because its an old aircraft. Nothing too filthy, but just signs of generic wear and tear please.

Some images here.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Again, another kind of personal thing, would you be able to add in the "Come on, let's fly!" because although it's the old slogan and no easyJet plane has that on it anymore, it would just add to the retro feel of it for me. Just a personal taste, some others may feel the same. No time frame or rush, just whenever you get around to it.

I understand that some may say this isnt a huge task, as just change a reg and add of couple of words, but obviously I get that all the painters are busy- and I appreciate everything you've done and all the hard work that's gone into this.

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@JLP731 ,

The easist way to go with a different reg and text is to contact the painter who made the original , as he will have all the information needed to make others in a series . Any other painter would have to start from scratch .

Don't forget not everyone has the A318 / 319 yet , so any requests will not be fulfilled in the near future , as the first hurdle will be getting used to the " new " paintkit .


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