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"Eurowings 2004-Commuters" Install problems

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When I try to install "Eurowings 2004 Commuters" from CD, installation breaks down with the following error:

ComponentMoveData had the following error:

Media Name: DATA

Component: A319 - A320

File Group: Aircraft_Airbus

File: F:Flight Simulator 9Aircraft A320 Eurowings Protexture.adriafuse7852.rra

Error Number: -2147024784

Installing the other items separately worked fine, except for the Airbus 319/320 that keeps giving me this message.

May it be that there is a problem with the CD (french version) or has

someone an idea what is causing the problem?


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Hello u65,

This software requires a lot of hard drive space, with an error like this may I suggest you free up some HDD space until you can install the product.

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Thanks for the solution :D :D :D

Couldn't imagine this software would require so much HDD space. The box states 600MB of free space but this is the absolute minimum, I guess.

Maybe the installer should ask you which textures you want to install, as they take about 1.4GB for the A319/320 only.


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