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Are there any more channels to contact AES from developers?

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Hi Oliver,

On the behave of the developers at A_A Sceneries. I wonder if there are any other channels to contact AES for supporting the upcoming products.

Since I have already e-mail to AES by the previous contact. But after 2 weeks, still no reply back. E-mail might be buried under piles of e-mails you have. It is not the same as making airport request in above forum since it is an unborn airport that the developers are making. I'd like to send information to AES such as screen shots, coordinate of jetways and the model in Gmax together with texture of them. In case that you want to make AES compatible to upcoming products. So when the product come out, there will be less time lag for AES to become usable.

Your answer would be benefit to both of us and other developers as well. Is it possible to be as a hidden forum just only registered developers can see? So it would be more convenient for us to contact.

Best Regards,

A_A Sceneries.

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I still cannot contact AES via E-mail.

I think my e-mail has been into spam mail.

How could I contact AES to send information regarding jetways and their coordinates in up coming WMKK, Kuala Lumpur International Airport?


Jirayu Tanabodee

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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