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RWY N/A issues with PMDG


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on a recent series of flights to Vancouver I found a bug in the SID/STAR navdata file for the PMDG (using the PMDG 777).

I have flown a couple of approaches using the previous data cylce, 1407, without any problems. When I did yet another flight just after updating to cycle 1408 (NavDataPro show V. 1408 R. 1 installed for PMDG FSX), I got a CYVR ERR: 13 RNY N/A error after entering CYVR into the destination field of the FMC RTE Page.

The reason for the new introduced error is obvious: in cycle 1408 the runway designation at Vancouver changes from 12/30 to 13/31.

Comparing CYVR.txt in the PMDG\SIDSTARS\ folder with the old 1407 shows no significant changes. The runway changes are correctly done in the SIDSTAR file.

However, I did find an incorrect piece of data. There is another file with runway information in the PMDG\NavData\ folder named ARPT_RWY.dat. In this particular file, the old runway numbers 12/30 were still present. After correcting the runway numbers to 13/31, the error message in the PMDG 777 was gone.

Maybe you want to look into this issue for the next release.

Does this issue apply to CYVR only or are there any other recent changes in runway numbers which are also not correctly converter into ARPT_RWY.dat?

Best regards,


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Hello Markus,

the ARPT_RWY.dat is used for the Honeywell RAAS System. It is not touched in any way by NavdataPro.

Quote from Ryan Maziarz:

The ARPT_RWY.dat file is not something you ever need to edit - it's a cache of sorts that the FMC uses, it'll generate the data as it needs it.

RW = real world, FS = FSX. It's a way of cataloging differences between the real life navdata and FSX's world.

If I did understand Ryan correctly the 777 should generate the entries you added on its own. FS with RWYs 12/30 and RW out of the current cycle 1408 with 13/31.

Try the following: delete runways.csv in FSX Main folder and ARPT_RWY.dat file in PMDG\Navdata Folder and generate a new runways.csv with Make RWYs.exe in FSX Main folder.

As I don´t use the 777 I can´t verify if those steps will solve the issues.

Best regards


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same issue here trying to fly from vhhh to cyvr.

if I change the airac back to 1307 i get the runway 12 error.

very very frustrating. please can someone explain how to fix this.

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It's easy to fix. Delete the arpt_rwy.dat file and run makerwys.exe (in your main FSX directory). Change the AIRAC back to 1407 or 1408. When you load the 777 next a new arpt_rwy.dat will be generated and that should take care of your problem.


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