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ATR 72 Bug


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I purchased the ATR72-500 as it is an amazing aeroplane and you have done an amazing job in recreating this aeroplane for x-plane.

I have found few bugs here and there but this one is a little bit "too much" and in my opinion it needs to be addressed. I searched this forum but I could not find any post regarding this issue I am experiencing.

The issue is when I programme the auto pilot to hold an altitude of (let's say) 8000 ft. it holds the altitude fine but all of the altimeters are wrong!

I have attached a photo of this just to show you what I am taking about.

The assigned altitude is 8000 ft

Auto Pilot is holding this altitude fine.

The QNH is 1013 mb or 2992 inHg and it is set on the altimeters both the CPT and FO ones.

The CPT altimeter reads: 7960 ft

The FO altimeter reads: 8080 ft

The STBY altimeter reads: 17960 ft ! (I guess this one is in a league of it's own!) :D

Just to be clear, the Digital reading in the CPT & FO altimeters is correct, the analogue (needle) is not in sync with the digital altimeter readings....

The STBY altimeter has both the Digital and Analogue readings incorrect. The analogue reading is identical to the CPT altimeter.

As you can see this can be very frustrating and it definitely does not help when you are on an IFR flights as it can be very, very confusing and disorienting.

I guess I'll take my ATR for some low level VFR flights next time! :D


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Hello nammurg,

i think, the STBY instrument shows the right altitude. The most left 1 comes from the perspective. May be a litte bit too pronounced

Over 5000 ft, the most left 1 appears....

But if you go with the airplane to 10000ft than the altidude will show 10000 ft in the STBY instrument and not 20000.

Greets Heinz

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