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Carenado King Air 200


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Just bought the new King Air 200. Everything is nicely simulated except the gps. The 2 Garmin 430's and the Avidyne are hardly functional. Maybe I'm doing something wrong (I don't think so), but there is no possibility to enter a flightplan, there are no procedures (SID's etc) in the database and the database is not updatable. That makes it almost impossible to fly IFR to and from major airports or makes it at least very challenging and not realistic. For VFR and very basic IFR flying you don't need a King Air. So I'm rather disappointed. Am I doing something wrong?

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no, you are doing nothing wrong.

But with the new upcoming X-Plane 10 Update 10.30 there will be new GNS430 for all aircraft with standard x-plane 10 gns.

So the function of the two gns will be very more realistic.

See here:



Thanks, I'm looking forward to the new release

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Good Day!

is there a switch to control the sound of the b200 like in the other carenados? The carenado C208B has a switch on the Garmin. The new Garmin of the B200 has this switch too, but it doesn´t work.

Any ideas?



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